Simplicity and Wal-Mart good read

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by grassyfras, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. grassyfras

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    Guys this is a long one but I'll sum it up for those that don't want to read it.

    Simplicity bought Snapper some time ago. CEO of Simplicity tells Wal-Mart people no and pulls all snapper mowers from Wal-mart to keep a good product and to help independent dealers. Pretty cool if you ask me. He lost 20% of his sales right there. And Oh ya he was going to tell them he was pulling the mowers and Wal-mart wanted to go all out head to head with Homedepot.
  2. JTF40

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    Man, where have I been? I didn't know Sam was selling Snapper mowers !! :usflag:
  3. MMLawn

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    Yep.....but it is far from current news as it was 3 years ago he did that......
  4. iluvscag

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  5. grassyfras

    grassyfras LawnSite Bronze Member
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    LOL sorry guys. My brother sent me this. I thought he knew everything.
  6. MMLawn

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    Don't worry dude several other guys have also posted it on here over the past year thinking it was current also. :waving:
  7. mike lane lawn care

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    i would NEVER buy a mower at wal-mart. i support my local dealer. but i would pay $750 for a mower from my dealer rather than the same one at wal-mart for $500. i hate wal-mart. besides, shapper would have to come out with a cheaper series for wal-mart, like john deere for home depot
  8. Pecker

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    Yeah, I hate it that Deere does that. . .
  9. NEPSJay

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    snapper, simplicity, walmart, home depot john deeres ........all junk anyway

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