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Simplicity/Billy Goat/Troy Built


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robbinsville, nj
Looking to buy one of these manufacturers, 32-34" wide cut commercial grade mowers.

Simplicity Pacer
Troy Built Wide Cut
Billy Goat FM3300

Any comments? Negative or Positive comments invited about the manufacturer's products or these specific models.


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I've been looking at the small mowers myself. I'm looking for a backup unit as well as something in between my 48' and 21".

I've looked at the Sutech Stealth, Billygoat, Bradley, and the Troybuilt.

The Sutech had a stamped steel deck. I pretty much ruled it out on sight. I was also informed that Sutech is no longer in business.

The Billygoat looks like a pretty good machine. Fabricated deck, 5 speed trans with reverse assist, and easy to use controls.

The Bradleys seem like a good deal but they are made in China. The new one I looked at had dull paint on it. Typical of most Chinese "knock-off" tools. I've had mixed results on equipment made in China.

The Troybuilt has a stamped steel deck with plastic pulleys. Definately decided against it. I put it in the "homeowner" category.

Right now I have my mind set on the Billygoat. It's the right size. It's American made. And it looks to be built quite well. Billygoat has been around for years and parts are available.


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Billy goat is the toughest i own i try to tear it up and it keeps on running.

Fareway Lawncare

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Did you know that if you buy the electric start Billy Goat you have to buy your own battery!!!

Since there is a Striking Similarity between the Sutech Deck & the BG deck I would be Very Wary. The Sutech was one of the Worst decks i've ever used.