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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by shawes, Jul 25, 2004.

  1. shawes

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    Looking to buy a ztr for my yard and I figured why not cut 5-10 other yards for some beer money. Would the simplicity consumer z 44 inch hold up to what I guess could be called, light commercial use?

    Thanks for the help.
  2. stryper

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    Simplicities have the reputation of being well built, and that doesn't sound like a lot of wear and tear to me. BUT...I think the warranty does drop from something like two years to one for commercial use, so that might be a consideration, as well as a clue.

    On the other hand, I was thinking of doing something similar myself--not going crazy with the business, but just earning a little "beer money" and paying for the toys. With that in mind, I was wondering what the experts might suggest is the best way to go...a consumer-grade Z or a small, 32" or 36" commercial walk-behind w/proslide?
  3. CapnDean

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    FWIW: I researched the consumer Z's pretty thoroghly and chose the Hustler FastrakZ for it's rugged deck and heavier duty construction. I thought that it was the most commercial looking of the residential ZTR's.

    THEN: After choosing the mower... I looked at the $$. The money convinced me to go with the Cub Cadet Tank. My 48" tank cost me $5400. The 42" Fastrak was going to cost me $3800.
    The Cub has 3 year warranty, the Hustler only had 2. Then came the 0% financing on the tank.

    All put together, it made more sense to me to buy a heavier duty piece of equipment from the start. The 0% for 3 years offset the $1600 purchase price difference (somewhat).

    In fairness to Hustler...I chose them as the best residential unit, and when you compare a residential model to a commercial unit you are truly comparing apples & oranges. I suppose I could have compared the Tank to the commercial hustler units to be fair... but the 48" commercial hustler Z priced out in the $6/7K range and did not offer the 0%.

    I am a residential user. I mow 2 lawns, that are slightly larger than an acre. They are located 1.5 miles apart so I drive between them. I do not do yard work for others - - But I consider my use on the heavy end of "residential".

    In my case it made more sense to go with a cheaper commercial unit than a more expensive residential version.

    Perhaps someone on this site could better explain the hydrostatic pumps and motor differences between residential & commercial units. I understand that the commercial units have separate pumps and drive motors whereas the residential units have combo units.... Combos are tough, but separate seems to be more durable.

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