Simplicity Stallion price?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Smitty58, Jun 12, 2004.

  1. Smitty58

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    Does anyone know what the Simplicity Stallion list price is? I have the consumer z and like it ,but I am curious about the stallion with it's 61" cut. Also any feedback about the stallion would be nice.
  2. marrt

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    I looked at a Stallion with a 60” Deck and 27HP Kohler about 3 weeks ago. The dealer also had a Ferris 3000 Extreme with 60” Deck and 27HP Kohler. As I understand it, Ferris originally created the “Derby” line of mowers to sell to “estate” homeowners. These were basically the exact same mower as the Ferris, only less expensive. If you’ve followed the Cub Cadet Tank vs Lesco Ztwo threads, it’s the same deal. I recently priced both and the Tank was $7500 with 27HP Kohler and the Lesco was $6000 with 25HP Kawasaki. The Stallion and the Ferris are basically the same mower. I think the Derby line was folded into Simplicity (Simplicity owned Ferris until recently…both were just bought by Briggs and Stratton I believe). Anyway, as to your actual question, the dealer quoted me $7995 on the Simplicity and $8600 on the 3000IS Extreme. The Simplicity price was early in the conversation, the Ferris price was after a lot of discussion. I think the Ferris price is pretty good and the Simplicity price is list. Perhaps he could do better on the Simplicity. However, for the difference, I was more interest in the Ferris for better resale value. If someone hasn’t already posted that the Simplicity is a piece of crap (during the time it took me to type this note), they will soon. However, other than a slightly difference gas tank design, and a few other minor items (the Simplicity has lights for example), I suspect they are the exact same mower. Just marketed differently (Simplicity is for Home Owners, Ferris is for Professionals). Let me know if you get a better quote.
  3. Smitty58

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    marrt - thanks, yea I got the same response when I was asking about the consumer z. I bought it anyway and love it ,thats why I'm interested in looking at the stallion.

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