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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by johnhenry, Jul 21, 2001.

  1. johnhenry

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    Hi Everyone I am thinking about buying a new mower. I really like the simplicity landlord or the legacy.But after going to my dealer here he just got in a Derby Stallion.IT sure looked good.The main reason I am looking into one is that they both have a roller sytem on the deck to make it stipe easier.So which one would you have ?
  2. Richard Martin

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  3. edward hedrick

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    We looked at the Derby twice I was impressed since it is a Ferris
    IS 3000 with a simplicity deck. The 54 in has a 23 kohler. and the
    60 " a Briggs Intec 25 hp. Also you get the simplicity bagging
    System. We thought it was very comfortable.
  4. Mowman

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    If you want a productive mower I would go with the Derby over the Tractor. If they both produce the STRIPES you like go with the Derby. I'm sure it is more money but in the long run you will be alot happier with the mowing preformance of the ZTR over the Lawn Tractor. Good Luck.
  5. khouse

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    The Legacy is maybe $8,000 to $11,000. The Derby will out perform the tractors 10 to 1 in mowing. But if you want things like tillers, blades or front loaders then you'll have to go with the tractors. I think the Derby's were in the $6,800 range. So you might want to get the Derby and the money and time you save you can buy a Simplicity rear tine tiller.

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