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Simplicity zt1844


LawnSite Member
Westville, IN
Looked at this mower today, was wondering if it has good reviews. I am mowing about 2 acres about half of it is up hill.
The old powerfull MTD took a crap. lol. I want a mower which is going to last and do a go job. I have looked at them all from dixon to gravely. Any help will do. Of course I want the best bang for the buck.

A: Simplicity zt1844 $3900

B: Hustler One year old 52" 20 hp Honda $3995 Not the Big model

C: Dixie Chopper 50" 2001 Good shape $4000

D: Gravely 2048 $3900

These are some which I am thinking about.

Any help would be appreciated. Mark.

Also if this is the wrong place to post I'm sorry.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Of the ones you listed, I like the Hustler. The Dixie Chopper has a high center of gravity, which means it dont like hills. The Gravely might not be a bad choice, but Hustler is the name more often mentioned on this site when it comes to durable mowers.