Simplicity ZT2500 or Toro MX4260? Help!

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    Hi folks,

    The ZT2500 has:
    Hydro gear 2800 trans
    20/10 rear tires
    46" 12 gauge stamped deck.
    Electric height of cut
    Front spring suspension
    Pivoting cast iron front axle
    3 blades
    25 hp b&s pro engine
    15" seat
    3 year warranty
    12 gauge frame

    The MX4260 has:
    Hydro gear 2200 trans
    18/7.5 rear tires
    42" Mostly 10 gauge fabbed deck
    Manual height of cut with foot lever
    2 blades
    23 hp kawi engine
    18" seat
    3 year warranty
    10 gauge frame

    Dealers are comparable and near. Cost is the same.

    My lawn:
    3/4 acre
    Landscaping beds

    Quality of cut
    Long lasting
    Leaf removal

    Please help me decide!! Thanks

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