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  2. Ax Man

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    I understand, I'm not the greatest manager in the world, and with crews I just can't seem to get the return expected.
    I make more working solo.
    When I do chance on a good operator, they burn out too soon.
    The tough part is giving up the jobs. For me most of my clients have become friends, and I don't want to let anyone down....
  3. Guardian

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    I agree...just when all seems to be going well, I lose my right arm man. Then I'm sorry I went after new business. Maybe it should be just me, the wife & 90k worth of the best accounts I have. SIMPLE
  4. awm

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    i wont adress the downsizing or expandin but i do agree with your post.
    simplify,simplify ,simplify.not braggin for real ,but ive developed it into an art.
    probably says something about my lazy streak.:)
  5. Barkleymut

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    Ax Man, forget about the customers, do what makes you the most money. I have one employee that I am about to layoff because of the severe drought. This past week he went to the beach and I discovered that since about 30% of my lawns are not growing I can schedule a little better and do without him until September. But I know he won't be around till then so I'll have to go with someone else. I think if we all kept it small it would be more relaxing and more profitable. The only thing I hate is that most people ASSume that since I only have one employee I must not be making much money. I know a guy who went into lawncare 2 years ago and has lost just over 100K since. I don't understand? He has tons of trucks equipment and employees. LOL.
  6. Go hispanic,

    I did a while back and never had been this happy and getting so much done at lower labor costs in even less time.

    Check out my thread American vrs Hispanic in elliments of biz section of LS.
  7. DLS1

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    Enjoy the cheap labor while you can LAWNGODFATHER. I noticed in Kansas City area seems like hispanics is mostly what is working full time on mowing/landscape work. But guess what, I have also started to notice that the hispanics are starting their own businesses in mowing (i.e. saw group of 3 last week pulling small trailer with a minivan at Mc Donalds mowing their grass). I assume they got the experience working for someone else and went out on their own and I am sure making more than they could working for someone else.
  8. Don't worry I will be doing the H2B program next season for sure.
  9. awm

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    think im seein some sign that the yellow brick rd ,may be narrowed to one lane.
    for our mexican brothers.just what ever is in big buisinesses interest. think mabe some of their interest might be served by the citizen wk force surviving. dont get me wrong ,im a capitalist.just know what ive seen make things happen in the past.
  10. yardboyltd

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    Can you make employees sign no compete agreements? It kinda seems wrong to our freedoms, etc... but it would be nice. I wouldn't mind them so much working for someone else because i know they are fairly loyal, but word it for starting there own biz...

    Otherwise, what seems logical to me is keep them in there place.. Let them know only what they need to know. That's how to operate the equip. I'm paranoid about other people, even employees knowing about how much i get paid at jobs. They might know how to do the work, but they'll have no idea about the costs, etc.. getting into it. Makes it a bit tougher coupled with a shaky image will keep customers away... that's my reasoning.

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