Simplifying SOS records, what do you think of my idea?

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    I currently use Lawn Monkey for scheduling, routing and invoicing all of my lawn service jobs. I was thinking of subitting this idea to Lawn Monkey in their suggestion box. What do you think? Even if it's not incorporated within Lawn Monkey or you are not familiar with LM, what do you think of this idea as a stand alone program? This is just a copy and pasted letter I was about to send.


    This would be a great add-on module or to be incorporated with the zone based scheduling upgrade. Each state is required to give their serviced client a SOS (Statement of Service) after applying any pesticide. The information required varies from state to state, but I think it's safe to assume that most of information is all the same. I am not very familiar with the laws for any state other than Kansas and a few from Missouri. Some of the requirements from Kansas are the name of client, address of property where chemical was applied, name of pesticide, EPA registration # of pesticide, rate of application, square footage of property, date of application, total quantity of pesticide applied and target pest associated with name of pesticide. These are what I would call "constant numbers", meaning these can be stored within the program and don't change. There are also "variable numbers" or information that is added to the SOS on site. For example, wind speed, wind direction, signature, temperature (Missouri laws) time of application (Missouri laws).
    Currently, when using LM, I choose service for an individual client titled "Lawn application #1". With this new add-on module I would be able to define more in depth exactly what "Lawn application #1" was.......the "constant numbers" It could be, "Lesco Dimension .021%, EPA # 555-55-555, 4 lbs per 1,000 sq ft, targets pre-emerging broadleaf weeds". Already in the program is entered the square footage of property, so using the fields given above it could calculate the amount of pesticide using the label rate and square footage of property. It would print out as easy as printing out a route sheet. . Only if you defined all this information as "Lawn application #1" would it work at it's full potential. I understand that "Lawn application #1" might not entail the same for each client, so there could be another way of just adding each individual pesticide to the client on the route. But one this for sure that is going to be constant to the name of pesticide is the EPA #, targeted pest and most of the time, label rate or rate of application. This could save a tremendous amount of time for the applicator, after initial set up. Even now I have form statements that list most all the chemicals that I apply, I still have to fill you client information, square footage, quantity of pesticide used and so on. A full-time applicator filling out up to 30 of these a day and you can see that potential of the amount of time that could be saved. The real downside of the whole idea would be having to input the different laws governing individual states. I am not sure, but I think the SOS requirements are pertained to the state laws of the application. Another wards, if I am licensed in Kansas and apply in Missouri, I have to abide by Missouri laws when filling out the SOS. If that is the case, then the SOS information would be automatically adjusted in correspondence with the state listed in the client information screen. If not, it would be set-up in the Company Information screen.
    Has this idea ever been presented before? What do you think?

    Matt Uhrich
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    personally I think it's a great idea! Common sense wasn't exactly engineered into most of the software Iv'e seen... I can't even find anything to do my invoices that's easy to use and can be formatted to fit what I need.
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    LA III has that feature already and can be adjusted for each customer. It is on the leave behind info on the invoice. State to state it work by cliking the boxes that need to be checked and it print it out as such. I would send that idea in though because it will save a huge amount of time.

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