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Simply Green Lawn Care

Simply Green Lawn Care

LawnSite Member
I'm just starting in this business and would appreciate any help or suggestions.

Let me start by saying that I just purchased a new Kubota ZD28F(DIESEL) and I was wondering if anyone could give me some feedback on this piece of equipment. Such as, service and reliabilty.

I haven't heard MUCH about Kubota and I was actually leaning towards EXMARK but I went with the Kubota because I've dealt with this tractor dealer in the past and it's been OK.

The EXMARK dealer is right down the street from my Kubota dealer.

They both boast good service for turn around time for parts and repair.

From what I've read so far on this forum, EXMARK is good but I haven't much on Kubota. Please, someone help!


LawnSite Member
Hi Bo!

Kubota's are excellent machines, so are Exmark's. We run a Kubota midmount, exmark zero-turn's and walkbehinds, and John Deere Front Mounts... I'll give you the facts, you can decide for yourself.

Kubota: We've blown 3 drive belts on 1 machine. This machine only gets used on 3 properties. We've clocked at most 60 hours on this baby all summer since we're always using the zero-turns. So blowing a belt every 20 hrs... The service from our dealer is terrible and we will never buy another piece of machinery from this dealership... especially when they cannot figure out why our machine keeps blowing belts. However, this machine gives an immaculate cut and runs like a charm. So aside from the belts and the service it's great, maybe it was a mfg flaw just on this machine...you never know. Remember this is a midmount model, I havent' heard of any issues with the ZD. And the fact that it's diesel makes it a very nice piece of machinery. We've even considered getting one but we decided we may go fully exmark because the red matches our company's colours.

Exmark: Not a bad thing to say about them. Blown 1 drive belt on the 1 machine and that happenned at around 255hrs (surprised it lasted that long). Other than that never had a problem with any of the exmarks.

Congrats on your new machine, I'm sure it'll work out great for you. Take care