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Since I know you, am your friend, etc etc etc

Varsity L&G

LawnSite Senior Member
Greenville, SC
Why do they expect to get a discount?
What do you tell these people and not be an a$$?

I know I have always looked for a deal in everything but some of these people are driving me crazy.

Stuff like if i get you a couple more customers will you do mine for free and such.

Or what do you charge to do this and that if I help.

I am starting to regret that I ever mentioned this to some of these people.


LawnSite Fanatic
zone 7 CA
What is it that you mentioned to them?
Simply state this is how you make your living and it's your policy to treat all your customers equally regardless of your relationship with them everyone get's charged the same no discounts.

Maitland Man

LawnSite Member
..............I'm your friend, don't I get a discount? I say..."No way man, if I don't make money off my friends, who else am I going to make it from. Sure as hell ain't gonna be my enemies!" :D :laugh: :laugh: :blush:



LawnSite Member
You just tell your friends and family that you'll be happy to give them your friends & family discount. It equals your normal rate + 20%, this is to cover all of your normal expenses and the 20% is to cover all the B.S. that goes with doing work for friends & family. :D