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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PAPS, Feb 25, 2002.

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    Place your bids for the following corporate site: Specs. are rough... so give me the best bids you can with the info i provided....i would like to compare my numbeers before i submit to manager....
    - 80,000 sq. ft of turf to be mowed.

    - turf is hilly in spots, but mostly straight runs with little obstacles to mow around.

    - turf does not need to be caught.

    - Edging and trimming total = (1.0 - 1.25) for (1) worker.

    - weeding beds weekly total = (0.5 - .75) for (1) worker.

    - Prune all shrubs (2) times a year = total (10) man hours each time.
  2. $225

    $120 mowing

    $60 trim/edge

    $45 weed beds

    X 32 visits = $7,200

    plus $600 trim shrubs

    full year cost $7,800

    Also can't forget my 6 step fert n squirt app $1,680 extra.
  3. George777

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    Maint 4,849.60
    prunning 400.00
    weeding 1,040.00 1 hr per week?
    total 6,289.60
    524.13 per month
    5 step fert program extra 1400.00
  4. crazygator

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    120 / Mowing
    75 / Trim-Edge
    25 / Weed Beds
    350 / Prune Shrubs per each time

    Weekly = $220 or
    Monthly (Done every week) = $880

    If times LGF's number of 32 times a year = $7040 or $7000

    Plus $700 on the shrubs 2 times a year = $7700 or by 32 cuts $241 per cut total.
  5. LoneStarLawn

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    Sorry to interrupt...

    Do you all itemized trimming/edging of the turf separate from mowing?

    We do not do one without they other therefore it is one price.

    PS I am awful at bidding without seeing it as well.
  6. Alan I am doing trial runs at using a formula.

    YES I know trimming is included.

    NO I do not bid with out a look see, that is why I went to measure in the first place.

    So far the 2 I have replied to, I have discussed this in detail with them prior to throwing out any type of estimate.

    And no these numbers are not coming out of thin air.

    So if we have to be technical.

    $180 per a cut

    $45-$60 extra for weeding beds

    Aprox $600 for shrub trimming total

    And last but not least (I can pretty much bid this one sight un-seen) $1680 for fert n squirt.

    So if I was going to do this in my reagon using avg of 32 cuts.
  7. kutnkru

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    Turf - 100.00/cut x 28 = $2800
    I have dropped the number of cuts back to 28 to allow for the addition of other services into the schedule. Its just too damn hard trying to coordinate mowing schedules with areations/renovations if your locked into cutting.

    If for some unforseen chance we have an extremely wet season, than the properties would get cut a maximum of 32 times - and there would be some definite shuffling of extended hrs to make everything work -LOL!!!

    Agreement also specifies that if the cutting season is extended due to weather conditions, the price is subject to an increase of 4 cuttings at $100/cut not to exceed $400.

    Edging - 45.00 x 32 = $1440
    Beds - 32.00 x 32 = $1024
    I would still make a weekly appearance for these services to show that we were on site each week to address any concerns or problem areas they feel the site may have.

    P & S - 750.00/ea
    Site unseen this figure is based on the fact that no ladders will be used to reach the tops of shrubbery, there is no structural changes to be made, and everything would be sheared to existing shape.

    If ladders or scaffolding were to be used this price would be increased to compensate for the task of labor intensive pruning.

    THE BID:$5264
    9 Month Agreement of $584.88/mo - $146.22/wk

    *** Weed-n-Feed would be $1427.36 for 5-App Program ***
  8. AGG Lawn Maintenance

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    Complete lawn maintenance-$3,200/year 32 weeks
    Pruning shrubs 3 times year aprox. 10 hour/time =$1200
    Weeding aprox. 1 hour/time/week=$960
    w/o Fert or weed killer


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