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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by above all, Sep 17, 2003.

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    How far can you drag you stick edger? Yesterday started as normal I thought.... I live in the Deschutes River Woods in the woods ,on the last street in our "division" about 5 miles before getting to any semi major streets, and about 5 more miles before getting to the big city of Bend Oregon. 50K. As I'm driving out with my rig, I notice a van that seems to be pretty close behind me considering that traffic is light and kids are walking on the sides of the road waiting for their school buses. So when I get to turn off to the state Hwy 97 i step on it. Here comes that white van coming up to me and tries to mouth something to thru the window.. I pull over....he goes ahead and starts to due the same when I notice that my edger , blade slide up, is sitting on my trailors fender! I pick the thing up and wave with it to him to let him know that I got it. Duh. Well the motor/gas tank had been dragged about 6-7 miles. I put in place on the side of my trailor which was not far from where is should have been and I could not remember in my clean up that I removed it from its normal position the nite before , shook my head and took off and drove another mile to get off the main road and take a look at what I had done. I had taken all of the plastic housing down as far as it would go before it would had taken out my pull string coil and it shaved off about 1/3 of my gas tank. What to do? I had a full day of work ahead should I replace this thing ? My dealer was only about 5-6 more miles away and get a new one. No way I love this stick edger. why you ask? I had been using a 4 hp b/s four wheel guy with good results and only barely had heard of a stick edger, my two "pro" dealers did not show any in their shops..... Got a catalog from Heartland America. During the winter three years ago. you probably get them to. and they had a Green Machine sold as a John Deer I think( JD had bought the GM by then.) for 119 with a 20 buck rebate. best $99 spend yet. has a strong running Robin eng. metal blade housing etc.. Off back to my house I go, fire up the old B/S third or fifth pull put it on the trailor and off i go again. Stopped at my local S & S auto shop got some flat stock poly , and glue and created a new bottom. This morning I flushed the tank refilled it and it started as allways. Oh yea the gas cap is ground down to the point that ten more feet on the pavement it probably would not have been saved. Thanks white van person for saving me at $319 or more. I'll try to post a picture is weekend. I'll be smiling this morning (when it warms up and I can go) looking in to my side mirrow seeing my favorite piece of equipment. Hope my GHS Walker does not read this post. Some times we win some times some one loses.....Sing While You May
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    Glad to hear it worked out. :)
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    we actually have had a blower bounce out of the trailer before,very expensive mistake,sounds like things worked out for you...
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    I had a trimmer rack snap off once when I had a open trailer...all 3 trimmers/edgers smacked the ground pretty good. Left some nice scratches but nothing more. Since then all have been stolen and replaced with better.
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    Here is a link to rear view mounted cameras.

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    Gopher : will that thing fit under my sun visor ?
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    I dropped a weed wacker off the back of the trailer once. Forgot to put it back in the truck. Nothing was wrong with it, though.

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    almost like one of my trimmers once...I didn't have it secured on the trimmer trap in front and went down the highway with it flying up in the air
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    I run an enclosed trailer for a couple of reasons. #1 is theft - I've had a blower, fuel and a Lesco rotary spreader stolen. #2 is containment - nothing can bounce out because it is all secured inside.
    It sounds like a good idea except when I'm baking in 100+ degree heat and dont raise the gate to move from one house to the other. I stopped after about 15' and only wore down the bumper pads.

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