Singer’s Seeder before and after pics

I finally had some time this year to spend time on my lawn. With work, I hadn’t touching it in 5-6 years....nothing. Wish I had before pics but but it was too bad to document. My neighbor were saying, “You do what for a living?”

I sprayed Roundup with my 2.5 gal electric backpack sprayer 20 minutes.

Waited 4 days. Cut it short and began to seed.

Brought a Stinger Super Seeder SS2450 home from the office....yes thats a new model.... We will be offering a more powerful, easier starting, quieter, with better air filtration option at GIE! It’s even more BEASTLY!

It took me an hour to seed (double pass) my 8,000 sqft front lawn and the results are amazing. The pictures don’t do it justice. It took an hour because of the steep hills and all the landscaping and concrete curbs around the beds....look great but a paint seed up against.

Its all about soil prep and seed to soil contact....the Stinger patent pending counter rotating blade setup does it like nothing else in the industry.

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Over kill on the seed but it cheap vs doing touch ups..I did ~5 lb per pass and broadcast the rest. Did the edges well and roughed them you with a Stihl Yardboss first so you get the edge to edge look you want.

Used my electric leaf blower on low to blow any dirt and seed gently off the hard surface back to the edge of the lawn.


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Dave, on your new 2450, what do you mean by "counter-rotating" blades? Does this mean the drive wheels pull the machine to the west and the blades pull to the east?
More power and easy starting--always a good feature.
I am impressed--amazing results. And after only 18 days. Mowed once.
Looks like about 12 blades--maybe 1.5 inches apart.
Not exactly new soil seeding; not exactly an overseed job. Maybe "renovation" best describes this one. Hopefully the new Lesco grass is superior to the old grass.

What was the depth setting?
Did you criss-cross on the second pass?
Any starter fertilizer? Mesotrione?
Did your wife and kids have to rake up the dead grass(fescue?)--or were you able to skip that step?
Well-irrigated? Rain?
What were soil and air temperatures? You probably timed it right for the seeding season.
What varieties were in the Lesco blend?
Plenty of seed--good idea. Seed companies recommend the maximum rate for sports fields.