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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Jul 14, 2008.

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    Ran an estimate today for a gentleman who has concerns regarding his current lawn care provider (large National corporation). He said last week they sprayed his lawn with a single (liquid) application. It was for grubworm prevention, and for broadleaf weed control. They left him 2 invoices (which I have no problem with).

    Invoice 1 said to "water as soon as possible". Invoice 2 said "don't water for 24 -- 48 hours". These contradicting instructions and the fact his lawn is not as green as his neighbors caused the guy to call us for an estimate. He also wonders why weed controls were used....2 reasons: 1) he has absolutely NO weeds, 2) it's very hot this time of year. He was referred by 2 customers across the street who both have greener and thicker lawns.

    Anybody else run into this?? (cuz the LCO is most likely in your area too). How 'bout Merit w/fert instead? (granular slow release). Any thought on a blanket app for weeds on a lawn with no weeds? rscvp, thanks:usflag::canadaflag:
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    At times we apply imidicloprid with fertilizer, plus weed control with our Permagreen. Or sometimes weed control with a hose separately, for small lawns. Charge for two applications. We try to give clear instructions--wait overnight and water in--keep off till dry. Seems to work OK.

    Sure we sometimes apply weed control where no weeds are visible--but probably there are small weeds you can't see. Weed control in summer and fall: that is our program.
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    I hear ya Riggle, but this guy had absolutely NO weeds at all. He has been with TG for good thing I admit about TG is they take care of weeds like nobody's business. This guy mowed last Wednesday, yet I saw NO weeds today. He also confirmed this. He thinks he got a rotten deal, and so do I.
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    Boy, that sure isn't the case around here...They can't TOUCH wild violet in this area,...and ground ivy?....don't even mention it...:rolleyes:

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    They don't kill weeds here either:dizzy: I've heard numerous times that TG has told homeowners for a few seasons that they were "working" on taking care of the broadleafs, but they take time:confused:

    Those are the people I like, because they are amazed to see the results of 1 broadleaf spray:)
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    dude I swear when i spray that stuff it just pisses it off to grow more. I just tryed speedzone southern at a high rate w/ some dish soap, i hope it works this time.

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