Single Axle Dump Trailer?

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  1. Triple L

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    They make 8k single tire axles I'm pretty sure tires are the least of his worries
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    Thanks Triple L, so basically I need the yellow stickers for both truck and trailer and have to get them inspected yearly and thats it? I currently have a Canada Trailer, bought it used but came from Jensen's, 5x10 utility trailer with split ramp, thing has never let me down, have done zero maintenance to it.
  3. Armsden&Son

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    Hey there...

    Saw this post and thought I would chime in...

    I am very similar to you biz wise...

    I am currently solo and I do lawn maintenance, landscaping, and also some hardscaping, design build, lawn renovation/install, driveway install/culvert install etc.

    However the majority of my work is comprised of spring/fall cleanups, mulching, mowing(doing 15 weekly full service clients), pruning, and smaller landscaping installs. I have averaged 2-3 patios and retaining walls in the last two seasons...

    I run a 2003 Ford F350 Super Duty single axle dually dump with a 10ft. bed followed by a 7x13 enclosed trailer.

    My suggestion?

    Get the single axle dump!!!!

    As Ducnut said, it's impossible to have all your tools/machines with you and your dump trailer too.

    I have had numerous discussions with guys on here about this very subject.

    Dump trailers are great, they can hold a ton of stuff.... But unless you have a right hand man and two trucks, they do not make as much sense as a 1 ton for the solo operator.

    Since I am solo, I have to pack my days full as efficient as possible and I can leave the house in the morning, hit the quarry or the topsoil/mulch/nursery and get loaded up. I can proceed to go bang out an install or whatever I need to do with everything I need rolling in the trailer. Once I finish that, I can go mow in the afternoon or vice versa.

    If you have a dump trailer then you have to drive back to the yard, switch trailers, etc...

    Sure, a good sized dump trailer can hold a lot more than a 1 ton single axle dump but you gotta weigh the pro's vs. the cons...

    And here is the best news of all....

    1 ton, 1 axle, dually dump trucks are a dime a dozen!!!!

    I got mine with 57,000 and an 8 ft. plow for 7G's!!!!!

    If you take a good look, you can find one...Check out the local municipality auctions because a lot of towns, villages, cities, etc. use 1 ton single axle dumps...
  4. LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thanks for your input and personal experience Armsden, for me personally I feel a dump truck is overkill, I mow 3 days a week every week, this leaves Mon and Tues for random gardening projects/pruning/etc. I typically will just use the truck on those days depending on what exactly I am doing. If I need soil or mulch or need to haul any extra debris away from the house then I bring the trailer. I geuss what I'm getting at is I wouldn't want to drive a daully dump truck all the time, although they are bad-ass. The dump trailer for me really comes into play in the spring and fall, the spring I do lots of clean-ups and typically more soil/mulch installs and such, then the fall I mount the leaf loader on the trailer tongue and use it for that, in the fall I can use the 21" mower on the final cut after the clean-up with the bagger, so everything fits in the bed of the truck, again weight capacity isn't a huge issue for me. I just feel a dump truck is more of a hardscaping vehicle, although if you got one for $7,000 thats a steal if I ever heard one, you would never get that up here. Around here you see that most larger companies that have a few crews use a 2500 truck with dump insert and tow an enclosed trailer.
  5. Armsden&Son

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    Hahaha!!! Sorry my brother!

    I am such an idiot...

    I totally read the heading wrong!

    I thought it said single axle dump truck!

    Sorry for the long rant about nothing to do with what you were talking about!

    Well, it sounds like you have your weeks planned out well enough that the dump trailer is working good for you...

    It's actually pretty amazing how much some of the dump trailers can hold... I will definitely own one in the future..

    I think it's cool how you can haul skid steers and mini x's in them too!
  6. Optimum Lawn

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    If your GVW (sticker/plate on truck and one on the trailer) combined exceeds 4500kg you need annual inspections of truck and trailer and have the yellow stickers attached to each
    And your right about the 6000lbs/2800kg free weight for the trailer when it comes to GVWR. But make sure your truck carry's the proper licensed weight though...including tongue weight. MTO will pull anything everything ....been there even with a single axle enclosed and yanked over at Thornton and Rossland and in Manchester with the 7x14 dual axle(that one I was all sticker'd and good haha) Worst was a Durham copper pulled me coming down Simcoe before Conlin and he eyed that yellow sticker hard then ask me to toot my horn ..horn tooted then he proceeded to lectured me for not having the horn button in the centre of the steering wheel....idiot...yah yah blah blah :waving:
    And your right if you ever exceed the 6000lbs of actual trailer weight ...get out the log book and and and and :hammerhead:

    Out here in BC is much much nicer.....I am licensed for 8000kg and only need annual inspection on the trailer...truck is exempt..go figure. But I do have to cross the scales all the time and need a NSC (National Safety Code number)
    I think I am about the only legal guy in town but then I cut the grass at the scales so they where on top of me to make sure I was "legal":laugh:

    Oh should BC all dump trailers used commercially (which would include these light weight ones) need to be inspected twice a year.... BC is full of exemptions an add-ons to the rules to the point even the CVSE guys can not keep track of it all. Stupid politicians jumping on bandwagons.
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  7. gcbailey

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    companies are making small 5x10 tandem dumps now, you may want to consider one of those....
  8. Triple L

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    Why would you want an extra set of tires to wear out very fast, an extra set of brakes and bearings and shackles and bushings plus then he has to bump up his truck plates and pay extra there cause the trailer is then added to the truck then he has to get a cvor and daily trip inspections ya de ya, single axle under 6,000 lbs is absolutely 100% the way for him to go

    He can still haul an s70 or 140 bobcat or mt52 if he ever wanted to or got into small landscaping work with it and 2 yards of any material and even still it's soo much easier just getting it delivered if your getting more then a couple yards but each to their own
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  9. ducnut

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    That's exactly how I see things. I'd rather have a dump truck sitting around or that I could use everyday and keep the 1/2T as my nice vehicle. For sure, my days could work out just as you describe, with multi-tasking the day.

    I've seen very inexpensive, municipal dump trucks on CL. They usually are laden with rust or have transmission issues (no big deal). But, well under $10K is common. Saw a '92 F350, recently, that had 27K miles, bad trans, and was $5700.

    No! What you posted is great info. It gives the OP and everyone else food for thought.
  10. gcbailey

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    So let that single axle cantilever the rear end of the truck up in the air and watch it take off down a hill? Saw that happen first hand...

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