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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by mcambrose, Aug 16, 2007.

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    I need a trailer my son can tow behind his 4-Runner. It would need to carry a Walker and a Honda walk-behind. I'm trying to decide between a 6'x8' or a 6'x10' single axle. I was going to put a basket on front of trailer about 2.5' high, just so Honda would go under it, for blower and gas cans. Weedeater rack on right side. Does anyone have a 6x8 or 6x10 that might have advice. I need it 6 wide, so the Walker and the Honda can go side by side. I want a trailer size that someone else might want later in case we get out of the business.
  2. smcunningham

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    Get atleast a 6'4"x12' or resale to another lco might be hard
  3. Envy Lawn Service

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    Well, I ended up with one little simple 6x10 trailer by default sort of...

    I bought a 6.5x16 double axle "factory' trailer from a dealer once. I work a lot of narrow country winding roads... and sadly did not notice how extra-wide the actual track width was on this particular model. I swear, I think they could have used the same axles and put an 8' deck on it.

    I found real fast that it was a nightmare to pull. Off the roadside, over the centerline, etc...

    I took it back, and it just so happened the only other trailer he had that was at least 6' wide with a solid floor happened to be this little 6x10 single axle with I think 12" sides.

    I love this little trailer. It's no frills at all and I lost my arse on the deal... but it's perfect for a single rider with room to throw something else on. Pusher, bags of fert, spreader, whatever. Just minimal bonus room. Absolute bare minimum trailer size... and not a lot of fun at all to back up.

    Small trailers are easy resale pieces. Lot's of folks looking for a little trailer.
    But small doesn't resell well as a "landscaper package" I don't think.

    Overall, I really think it might be best to recommend a 6x12 double axle with brakes for your son's application.

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