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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ramairfreak98ss, Jun 1, 2008.

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    So we usually never do these, today a woman who inquired about a patio a month ago, stops us in a development and wants to have her grass cut. I really DIDNT want to, but figured ok, She tells me her husband cut it last thursday, 7 days prior.

    Soon as we drive the mower down there, the grass is 2+ weeks tall but not thick, not taken care of just weeds, so im like whatever. My crew supervisor cuts the back, while i start edging, trimming parts of the front, he comes back around smiling, knowing that i didnt want to get into this, and says, GOOD LUCK lol.

    I see the back yard, and the freking woman has got chairs, tables, crap just everywhere shes moving around while hes been mowing. They have 4' tall arbor vitaes along a vinyl fence and the grass is between 20-24" tall for large areas. Same around the house, chairs, tables, little shed, Direct TV dish with a wire "IN" the grass but 8" off the ground from house to shed

    After all that, she starts pointing out missed spots, things she thinks i should trim after i alrady knocked down 8" off the weeds etc.

    I bit my tounge but was ready to tell her where to shove the bricks. She then points to the grass in the back, wants to know if i can pick it up. I said we can bag it but you need it cut weekly and on contract and you have to notify us before we cut the lawn. Finally the frekin hag hands over my $25 piddly dollars i agreed to cut the lawn next to another of ours... Never again.... Dont call me to mow your jungle and then gripe over every little thing that you dont like because you now expect a manicured lawn but you cant take care of your property. She drives a 07+ Lexus 300 model sedan too, aint like they have no money, house is 500k+
  2. WHIPPLE5.7

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    This my everyday thing except they try to make you think they will use you for regular services beyond that point but they don't because cheap azz, sorry motherfockers. I'm quite educated to these types by now. They call you when everyone else has been cut 5 times that year and they haven't been cut once yet. Then they say "if you give me a break on the initial cut I'll use you for regular mowing". Fockoff, regular mowing to them is 2 times a damn year.
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    I had a guy like that, go out give him a weekly price for $35 a cut he says sounds great lemme talk it over with his wife...2 weeks later he calls hey I've been busy can you come by and cut the lawn...oh ok you'd like to start cutting weekly? No lets just do it this once and we'll go from there...Get there he comes look at that mower that thing is big trying to be buddy buddy, mean while i got flies in my mouth cuz the lawn is 2 weeks overgrown. I say you want it done...$70.00 But you said $35....long story short I never even dropped the gate that day.
  4. topsites

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    My favorite ones thou are the cheapos who then don't pay.
    I've had a few of those, my attitude is like, you fool if you wasn't gonna pay why play stupid games?
    Oh I get it, had they simply agreed I might have thought they agreed too fast.

    One thing I learned is to quote the crap first regardless of their story, and here's my prices:
    Calf high, double price.
    Knee high, triple price.
    Tail high, quadruple.
    Neck high, $200 per 1/4 acre.
    So I guess I learned something...

    But it gets funny...
    I quoted several of those jobs last year, I'm talking calf-to-knee high stuff in a 1/4 acre with ALL that BS about 'we were thinking of long-term care' and I quoted them $100! and in just that tone of voice, too :p
    But most of the rest I just quoted what I thought I should get, no attitude but also no breaks in the price.
    Here's the funny part: I didn't get a single one of those jobs, I probably quoted 8 or 10 of them that were like that.
    Not a ONE!

    It gets better: Not a one call for it this year, either
    (not true I did get one, which was so out of the blue I just didn't see it coming lol).

  5. LawnBrother

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    It sounds like you agreed to a price and started cutting without even looking at the lawn.
  6. Itsgottobegreen

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    Its the same story everytime. No contract, don't waste my time. Nothing ever comes out good when you show up and the grass is 12" plus. I always tell them, we have a brush hog service and we start at $250 minimum and ours is mounted to our bobcat with steel tracks. So there will be nothing left of your lawn.
  7. Scagguy

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    The only way we will do a 1 time mow is if it's next to a property we already service and It's not overgrown too bad. Also, 1 time mows are charged a higher rate with the explaination if they want weekly service, then the rate is lower.
  8. Lawn-Sharks

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    I get the same kinda of yards from a few property management companys i work with. Most of the lawns are overgrown and some arent but i charge an extra overgrown fee to the yards that fit the description, they havent complained yet but im waiting for the call about the extra charge.
  9. Ramairfreak98ss

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    loll thats awesome... yeah, im not saying it totally wasnt my f#$$#D up decision that day, just it gets you EVERY time you try to gain a customer that way
  10. whoopassonthebluegrass

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    I avoid 1x jobs, but every so often I do a neighbor, or a spray-only customer. But I tell people, flat out, that I charge $60 - $75 per hour. (It fluctuates with my mood.) Then I briefly discuss, in light of my pricing, how meticulous they want me to be. :)

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