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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Patriots, Aug 21, 2005.

  1. Patriots

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    Ok if you had to choose would you go with a 36'' WB Single Hydro, or Belt Drive. I know in a perfect world I would buy a dual hyrdo but I don't have 4 grand in the bank right now to throw at a mower. I have had bad experience with a single hydro (32'' Snapper) - which was the biggest piece of crap to ever roll off an assembly line, and thank god for good dealer support. But I have heard that the 36'' Better Super Duty is actually much easier to turn than the 32'' Snapper. With say $2200 would you buy a single hydro, or an Exmark, Toro, Scag .... Belt Drive?

  2. bmxican

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    why is the Snapper 32 single hydro so bad? I was just looking at one on their website, thinking I'd like to try one out.

    I'm also curious about your question, which would be better a single hydro or dual belt - in the 32 or 36" size?

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  3. Maitland Man

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    would it be a primary mower or a once every few backyards type of mower?

    Not knowing to much about the single hydro, I'd go with the trusty belt-drive.

    What problems did you have with the snapper?

  4. jameson

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    I can tell you from 40 hrs (delivered in Aug.) of experience with the Q36 in our fleet that it really is a great little mower. Compared to a belt....not much of a comparison, the Quick wins hands down. Its super easy to handle, true reverse, light weight and easy maintenance and yeah, it delivers a quality cut.

    Put it this way both crews WANT to load up the Q36 on their trailer, not one of the ole belts.

    Now if Better would come out with something in say a 44"-48".....I wouldnt hesitate to snap one of those up either.

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