Single rear wheel dump trucks?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Strongmd, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. Strongmd

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    Why don't the dealerships sell a single rear wheel dump truck? Is it merely GVW?
    I have two f350's with truckcraft aluminum dump inserts. These are my mowing trucks. I'm playing with the idea of selling my dump inserts, taking the pickup beds off, and having dumps custom fabricated for me.

    I like the single rear-wheel trucks because we do a lot of residential plowing and I feel they are more narrow and nimble which is important. I sometime wish I could hold more volume than the dump inserts, and I know a lot is lost with an insert. We also tend to dent the pickup bed quarter panels when plowing residentially, turning into a driveway and you the side gets pushed in, etc.

    These trucks don't do any heavy hauling, just light debris in the spring, a little mulch, lots and lots of grass, and then they plow in the winter. Does any know of any negatives to installing a dump on a single rear wheel 350?
  2. cat320

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    Matt the town of N.Reading has or had one f350 with a dump body single rear wheel.I had to use it once when I was working there plowing .
  3. Qualey

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    Cab/Chassis trucks (sold minus bed and with dual rear wheels) have a longer wheelbase. This help to keep the front axle properly weigthed when loaded which makes handling much better. Also, most dump ratings are higher than the spring/axle rating in SRW 1 ton trucks.

  4. capital

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    Why do you not go to a truck equipment shop and order a flat bed with a hoist under neath. Then make the side bodies you want for the truck out of 2x4 and such. All of our landscape trucks have three different side bodies that we can switch on and off depending on the seasons. Spring we run 4 foot high side bodies to move mulch, with the rest of the landscape season the trucks running 18" high bodies to work with and in the winter the trucks have just a 6" high side for holding the snow blowers and ice melt in place while plowing.
  5. rosolar

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    I'm in the same position. I've been using a 250 w/ a dump insert.
    I only use 1 truck, so it needs to be able to haul mulch, leaves, and brush. but it also has to plow res. drives in the winter. a dually just won't be able to plow the tight drives with its poor visibility, turning radius, and width.

    I am getting a price right now for a equipment shop to install a 8ft rack dump on a f350. I've been keeping my eye out for a single rear wheel with a dump, but I don't see them for sale much.

    anyone know how much to install a dump bed?
  6. Edgewater

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    A standard dump body is 95" wide for a DRW. I have one made by DEL equipment that is 84" wide. My tryck is DRW, but the outer wheels are only slightly further out than an SRW. The body is made for SRW applications. It onlt sticks out past the cab about 1". They also make them in aluminimum to give SRW truck more hauling ability.

    Check them out.

  7. Bigred350

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    Get whatever truck you want. Then go to a welding shop and have them build you a bed however you want.
  8. Idealtim

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    Don't forget the option of putting a underbody hoist in and leaving a stock appearance. Thats what I was going to do until I decided that I am not going to keep my truck long enough for it to make finantial sence, so the next money I get hold of is probly going towards a insert.
  9. mcwlandscaping

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    can/will warp the bed with any real weight in the back......this is the way i see it: With the dump insert, the actual bed is just pointless weight in the back that limits what you can haul in the insert. By eliminating that and putting a real dump bed on there with a hoist that can handle some real wieght, you will be much happier. However, i'm sure that'll cost a good amount of money, but, that seems to be the right direction for you to go in. JMO
  10. PatriotLandscape

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    adding a dump bed to a srw will reduce the amount you can put in the bed because of the actual weight it can hold. while it is a one-ton the is relative to the weight of the vehicle. if you put a 1500 pound bed on it you can't put much in it.

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