Single rear wheel dump trucks?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Strongmd, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. Total Landscape Solutions

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    Patroit is correct.
    Do the math, it just dosen't add up. After the rig is built there isn't much weight left for actual payload.
    Unless your only hauling grass clippings or brush, I wouldn't do it.
  2. Ramairfreak98ss

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    well ive never used a dump insert or anything yet.. but my 06 f350 ive had 6000lbs worth of sand and stone in it before on single rear 18s.. not that id do that often but it drove better still than my 91 f150 with 2000-2500lbs in it, rated for a measely 1000 lol
  3. grassiscash

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    i built one for my 97 4x4 f350 i love it. i had less in it than a dump insert and its built way tougher. if anyone is interested let me know i have my drawings and pictures
  4. GLS

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    We are running two trucks with dumping flatbeds. Just like you described, we wanted SRW for plowing reasons, and most of our hauling is light duty (grass, mulch, brush).

    Our GMC is a flatbed that we put various sides on as needed. Our Dodge has permanent fold-down sides with stake pockets if we want to go higher. We are very pleased with them.

    Ours our aluminum, so weight isn't a significant factor.

    Flatbeds keep it versitile as opposed to a dump body with fixed sides. We find side-loading to be quite useful.

    I have pics if you are interested.
  5. Travel'n Trees

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    Tires blow out on dualls bad enough, I also recommend after 1997 doing anything but a ford for hauling loads, they just don't cut the mustard we have customers all the time broke down, mileage, actual load capacity. no warranty because they hauled mulch, or rock, dirt with it. Also look at a heavier truck because your empty gvw and your gvwr will be to close to haul a load and you are already in the same dot classification.
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  6. kgserv

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    a local cemetery has a 350 srw with a metal dump on it for between the head stones looks and works well, two less tires youd have to buy.
  7. peeklandscaping

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    Photos of SRW dumps anyone? one thing to read, another thing to actually see some pictures. Looking at putting a dump on a SRW F350 or F250. any advice or pointers would be great!
  8. fastlane

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    I know someone who got a late 90's 350 SRW for a salt truck. All other things being equal the payload of the SRW was about 450lbs more than the DRW.
  9. GreenI.A.

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    I have a mason body that fits a srw short bed. Just picked it up the other day for a small dump trailer to use in the city where large trucks or my 16' dump trailer are not maneuverable, this can easily be parked in a standard parking space. I'll attach pics, you'll see that the trailer is a dully, but it is a narrow axle. the bed was last On a 2004 f250 short bed srw.

  10. GreenI.A.

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    The trailer I just posted, I am toying with the idea of putting the bed on a regular cab shortbed for a maneuverable city truck

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