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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by recycledsole, Oct 2, 2012.

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    Ok I'm curious you list the axles rating but not the trailers rating and if they are one in the same then you are over 3000 and in violation of your states trailer brake laws.

    Your looking for a rather small trailer so I am going to take a guess you got a rather small truck as well. Reason I ask the duel axle trailer will take a 5000 pound load give or take a few pounds. That's more than most 1 ton trucks can hold and if you are going to haul loads from time to time the duel axle trailer will massively increase your capabilities.
  2. recycledsole

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    yes hello thanks i have toyota tundra v8 4.7 4wd.
    LTD Access Cab 4-speed automatic curb weight 4644 cvwr 6010 payload 1366
    V8 Access Cab 4WD 4-ECT 7,100 towing capacity

    yes, so now im looking at a holmes or big tex trailers, which i have been told are better brands, and i found them cheaper. i have heard alot of good things about big tex. let me know! thansk
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    Definitely go with tandem axle, I hate my single axle trailer
  4. recycledsole

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    as most have said here, if im not using it for heavy hauling- it wears out faster, i have to have brakes, its more expensive, worse gas mileage.
    what makes you say that?

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    The trailer does not wear out faster, the tires wear out faster due to the axles being on different turning radias' the tires scrub through the turns. Which means the tires are dragged sideways as the trailer turns. And by turns is every time the trailer is not going in a straight line such as a curve on a road.

    No you can not see, here, feel the tires being dragged sideways. It is an imperceptible amount to the senses. But not to the forces of friction which there is no escape from and that is why the tires will wear out faster.

    This drag is set up due the tires on the front trailer axle and the rear trailer axle have different turning radius' due the distance of the axles from the pivot point of the trailer.

    This difference in turning axis' causes the front trailer axle tires to rotate at a different speed then the tires on the rear trailer axle.

    Do not confuse this difference in tire revolution speed of the tires between the tires on each end of the same axle. The job of the rear differential allows the tires on opposite sides of the same axle to revolve at different speeds.

    Which eliminates those tires from scrubbing amongst other things.

    Trailer axles whether single, double, or triple do not have differentials. And do not need differentials due to the fact that trailer axles are classified as dead axles. The axles do not turn. The wheels on each side of the are free to rotate at different speeds. So with single axle wheels there is no scrubbing of the tires.

    However being when multiple axles are used all the axles on the inside of the turn all trying to rotate at different speeds as so is the case with all the tires on the outside of the axles on the turns. So the tires will scrub and wear faster. When a tire is going slower then the other wheel the trailer forces wheel to try and turn faster. When the wheel can't turn fast enough it gets dragged through the turn to make it cover that same distance as the wheel on the adjacent axle. The dragging of the wheel is called scrubbing.

    This dragging/scrubbing is what causes the tires to wear faster.

    There are fed laws and state laws. Trailers that weigh 1,000 lbs have to have brakes in my state. I said weigh 1,000lbs. I did not say any thing about how much a trailer can carry.

    A trailer that can carry more weight has to cost more. More materials. Stronger materials. More axles.

    Get more has to cost more. More is not always better. The QEII maybe the best ocean liner but it would suck to use it to go for trout or bass.

    I'll let you figure out which trailer needs power, which means more fuel has to be used to pull it. A heavy trailer or a light trailer.

    If you have 2,000lbs of equipment why do you need a trailer that can carry 7,000lbs?
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    I still use the 6.5 x 12 single axle trailer I had built in 2002, when I started my business, for my mowing route. It fits a rider and a walk behind with room to spare. I added a 7 x 12 dump trailer in 2006.

    I generally discourage guys from buying 4 x 8 and 5 x 10 trailers, but I think a 6.5 x 12 single axle is a great size for a small operation needing to haul a walk behind and a rider. An open trailer really isn't the best for hauling materials anyway...better off putting sideboards on the truck for mulch and brush and such and having the big/heavy loads delivered.
  7. White Gardens

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    Another thing to consider....

    With a dual axle trailer, if you blow a tire, you have three others to back you up.

    With a single axle, if you blow a tire, it could spell disaster for the trailer and equipment loaded on it.

    Just something to consider.

  8. recycledsole

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    thanks alot guys i appreciate your information. i will be using it mainly for hauling debris like tree limbs, branches, etc...
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    When I started out, I was always told to buy the biggest trailer I could afford. Once you get started and get more accounts, there just never seems to be enough room on the trailer, no matter WHAT size you get!
  10. recycledsole

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    from MD
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    gosh making it hard on me with the decisions lol


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