Single wheel or dually truck?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by dkeisala, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. Mike Fronczak

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    A 450 or 550, may be less than you'd expect. I've seen them (550 4x4) in the Trader pubs, with diesels for under $ 35K, dump body inc. Best advise is look, look, & look somemore. BTW most in those pub offer delevery.
  2. prizeprop

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    Look at the gmc C4500. i bought one in 2003 and I love it 17,500 gvw 11' dump body 350 horse power deramax deisel, alisson tranny. $39,000 and change out the door;registration,tags everything.Make sure they get you one with a good sized pump to lift the weight of the bed with materials.
  3. dkeisala

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    Well, for what it's worth, I've made my decision and now the truck is being built. F350 dually V-10 with a 9 foot 3 to 4 yard dump body, custom hitch, wiring and electronic brake control 11,200 GVW with a 3100 lb payload capacity - $26,200 - it should fit my needs perfectly for the next couple of years. I splurged a little and got an automatic and air conditioning.
  4. dkeisala

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    The payload capacity is after taking into consideration the 2400 lbs the dump body weights.
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    Looks like you have your mind made up and it sounds like a great truck. I was just going to say (and I'm a little surprised others haven't) to not be scared of the diesel. They are every bit as reliable as the V10, and in a fully loaded short haul stop and go driving situation they deliver close to twice the mileage. Case in point- I sometimes rent an F550 diesel which I load up to the max and run the piss out of. I get around 12 mpg. I have a 30 foot motorhome with a V10, which performs fine, but if I'm doing good I only get 7.5 mpg on the freeway. If it's not too late to change your mind, I would strongly consider the diesel, especially with gas approaching $2 a gallon in our neck of the woods.
  6. dkeisala

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    I truly did consider the diesel but just couldn't justify the cost, even with the gas prices. I've just heard to much negative about the Powerstroke having too much torque and stressing the drivetrain as well as other minor glitches the engine still seems to be experiencing. I also couldn't justify the higher cost of the GMC for my current budget.

    Gas may cost more than diesel but I just couldn't risk coming to depend on this truck only to have it go down on me for even a short period of time, that would suck.

    This truck may cost me more to operate in the long run but will still be far better and more productive than the standard F250 3/4 I'm using now. We will be faster and more productive so the higher operating cost is moot. My next truck will be diesel. For now I'm pretty confident in my choice.

    I really do appreciate all the comments I've received as this was VERY useful/helpful in making my decision and I would enjoy any further input you all may have.
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    I dont know where all the GVWR figures are determined. Ive got a 97 F350 dually, powerstroke with an 8' dump bed and its GVWR (as per the door tag) is 14400lbs. The empty truck weighs in at about (depending on fuel) 8400. That leaves me 6000lbs to play with. Ive had 6000lbs of crush & run in it and thats a good load for it. It seems it could easily and safely take more but 3 ton is a good round number to set as a practical limit (and legal limit).
    Could it be that its titled as a box van, which tells me that it was probably a cab and chassis from the factory, that has determined it GVWR. Im the second owner so I dont know how it was originally bought.
  8. TLS

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    An F-350 Dually with a 14,400 GVWR :confused:

    I'm a doubting Thomas, I'm going to have to need proof on that.

    You sure its a F-350 and not a F-SuperDuty or 450? Because they (SuperDuty's and F-450's) came with a 15K GVWR.

    Now, your talking about your GVWR, and not just adding up your Front and Rear axle or spring weight ratings, right?
  9. amw

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    this is from the "owners guide" from a brand new f350 DRW but it has all of them (6.0L turbo diesel)

  10. amw

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