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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Kelly's Landscaping, Jun 7, 2004.

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    Not sure if this has happened to any of you but I am out cutting a new lawn today real nasty 2 foot tall. And I cannot see the ground through the grass well as I am on like my 7th pass all of a sudden my mower drops a couple feet in to the ground. The lawn just opened up and ate my rear tires on my 60 inch Lazer the hole had to be 4 feet deep and all that kept me out of it was the trac vac system on the back which the mower got hung up on. Thankfully they had a chain and my partner happened to be driving by so we pulled it out with one of our trucks. But that is an eye opener I never had that happen to me in my 2500 hours on ZTRS
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    On of the guys on my crew nearly lost a walker into one, very not cool.
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    Ya got sink holes there too????

    I did a cleanup last year in the fall. Thats all I do for this guy. Big money....After we had sucked the last of the leaves up, I was going over it one last time with the vac, an all of a sudden I just quit movin, an the left wheel just started spinnin. I was goin nuts with the levers, an all of a sudden I pulled out, an looked back, an saw a hole a guy could just crawl right back into. It was framed out an all!! Course the wheels spinnin pushed dirt into the right side the left side was left wide open.
    My helper climbed down into it, an started diggin.

    I had to put a stop to it, an call the ho to let him know what the situation was...Keep suckin boys, let him deal with it...Was pretty amazing though.........

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