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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Qdriver, Mar 3, 2004.

  1. Qdriver

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    What do ya think?

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  2. Lombardi

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    In my part of the country I would probably lose the job if I expected a customer to read and sign something like that. If it was a much larger job I can see using that form. If this is the same job that was pictured earlier, a $400-500 job, I usually do them with no contracts unless the customer requests otherwise.
  3. Qdriver

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    This would be instead of an invoice. This would be the only paper trail for the transaction.

    So if it is under a $500 job you just do it on a hand shake or verbal agreement......???? Sounds illegal and unprofessional to me..... (not that I am Mr. Straight-and-narrow all the time nor have I been in the biz for long but...)

    Just trying to learn and understand......

  4. Lombardi

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    Again, this is how business is done in my part of the country. There is nothing illegal or unprofessional about doing business with a handshake. If I trust the customer and they trust me, this is how I prefer to do it. If it is a simple job such as the one you mentioned, then yes, I just do it and invoice the customer. Most invoices do not contain all of the legalities you list. That is what a proposal is for.
    I should clarify that I do this with residentials only. Any commercial jobs have required a formal bid to be sent. I use proposal sheets and invoices from NEBS. Take a look at them. They are simple and get to the point. The program also allows you to add any comments you want. The forms are also professional looking.
    I understand you are trying to learn and you are doing the right thing by asking questions first, but IMO if you try to push a paper like that to residential jobs, it may scare some away.
  5. Qdriver

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    Thank You for your responses. No ill will intended. My mistake,.. when you said

    I thought you had read the post that describes the job this is for.

    I apologize, I did not specify in this post that it is actually for an owner of a commercial/retail building who has a tenant moving out.

    So for residential jobs you just invoice, but commercial you would be OK with this proposal... am I right?

    NEBS does make some good looking forms,.. I have info/sample packets from them. I may end up going with their landscaper package deal....:)
  6. Qdriver

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    I will work on it some more to soften it up...
  7. Mdirrigation

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    I wouldnt soften it up at all , I would add a clause about hazardous materials ( you never know whats buried or hidden). I would redefine the statement about clearing brush . Are you removing roots and stumps? I would have a personal letter of guarentee.
    I would get a retainer or deposit of at least 1/3 . Cover your self
  8. terracare

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    I think most courts would want to see something in writing if the price was over 500. Personally, I like things in writing no matter how much money is involved.

    Looks good, very professional.

  9. charlies

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    so if someone asked you to remove the carcass of a dead deer from their property (as was mentioned in a different thread), you would draw up a contract for that?

    qdriver, it seems there is a mistake in the 1st sentence with grammer. i didn't read the rest.

    i'm talking about the following sentence. i suggested corrections in bold.

    1. This agreement is entered into by and between A GREEN OASIS, whose address is P.O. Box 57071 Jacksonville, FL 32241 and who, for the purpose of this agreement, is referred to as the “Contractor”, and John Doe, who, for purposes of this agreement, is referred to as the “Client” and whose address is 55 Phillips Hwy. Jacksonville, FL.
  10. CWPacky

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    All I can Say is you have got to be kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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