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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by DirtMedics, Mar 3, 2011.

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    Long time lurker, first time poster. Just wanted to run a few ideas by people who do this every day. I am in the planning process for an athletic development on about 60 or so acres. Mainly concerned with the dirt work, as my background is dealing with once the grass is already growing. I have attached a picture of the site and color coded a few things I have questions about.


    BLUE line is the existing creek.

    RED line will be a 3-5 foot high dike to keep flooding off of the fields. Dike will be between 15 and 30 feet wide.

    YELLOW area is the irrigation and storm water retention pond. Pond will be about 6.5 acres in size with a depth of 10-12 feet at summer pool.

    My questions relate to the excavation of the pond. I will be doing most of the work myself with help from some friends. The big hitch with the pond is that we need to screen about 75000 yd3 of the soil. I want to handle the soil as little as possible.

    The excavator that will be used is a Volvo 360. This is where the WHITE line comes into play. What I was thinking is that a larger dozer can feed the 360, which will load a 500 tph screener. How large of a dozer do I need to keep up with the 360?

    Then once the soil is screened, it will be carried over to the BLACK area by 120' of conveyor and and 80' radial stacker. This way the dozer can feed the excavator during the week, and the on the weekend it can spread the screened soil.

    Like I said before, I dont have any experience with screening soil, but I am comfortable with everything else. This will be my sole job once construction starts, and the more money we save on construction, the more we can put into extras that got cut out of the budget (Lighting mainly).

    Am I off my rocker?

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    big red x man.
  3. DirtMedics

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    ok think i figured it out.

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    don't you need a minimum number of posts before you can add pictures?
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    I missed the red...
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    Gold Rush Alaska.

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    If you dig down 10-12 feet with a creek/water table that close your not going to be digging dirt that will be screenable ANYTIME soon.
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    Ok, a little more information. From where the pond will be to where the new turf area will be is roughly 3 foot elevation change. So even if can only get 6 to 8 feet of screenable dirt, that is better than none at all.

    So I guess back to the main question is what size dozer do I need to keep the 360 running?
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    Ok I've got another question... why does the dirt need to be screened? I'm mean I understand the top 1' or so so you can work it in real nice but I'd just use regular fill dirt for the field.

    I'd say atleast a cat D6 pushing dirt, let it stockpile a day before to screen so the hoe does not run out. if the dozer pushes faster than he can screen then he can just go around and push down the screened pile.

    your not going to be able to run and entire week without pushing down the screened dirt anyways.

    I'd plan on setting up the screening plant 2 times, one on each end to keep from pushing the dirt so far.... best of luck

    ON EDIT:

    wait 60 acres? your gonna need some off road haul trucks. you're gonna push your tracks off pushing dirt over 60 acres!
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    My thoughts exactly.

    Sometimes you will try to minimize equipment on site thinking that you are saving money, when actually your waisting time and money. This is a huge project for someone with limited experience to be tackling.

    Use the blade to strip the area of topsoil first, move the topsoil to a stockpile area with the artic trucks, dig your swm pond using the excavator. Have the larger blade knocking over the piles and constructing your berm, mabee even rent a second smaller blade to maintain your haul roads , and push some material towards the excavator.

    Equipment i would have on this site-

    360 volvo excavator
    Cat D6 blade
    2 Volvo 25 tonne rock trucks
    John deere 650 j lgp blade.
    De-watering equipment on standby.

    Other things to think of- Do you have a sediment control plan? Do you have experienced operators (im sorry but having your "buddies" help you out on this one is a bad idea. Lots of guys still laid off, call a local company im sure they can recomend some of there guys to you.)
    Are you putting a large fuel tank on site or having it delivered daily? ( you will need fuel daily)

    Have you already bid this job?

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