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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by DirtMedics, Mar 3, 2011.

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    Ok what you are saying about the scrapers is starting to make sense. After searching on that other equipment site, I am starting to see how productive scrapers are. Although it seems like the soil is a big factor in just how productive they are.

    Would I need to compact the turf area? Since I wont be building anything on that area, is it necessary? I know that once the field is established compaction is a big enemy.
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    If you run scrapers, you'll get all the compaction you need for something like that. Adequate fill material can be compacted to at least 98% with scrapers running on the grade.
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    No doubt about it scrapers are the cheapest way to move dirt, but if this site is right adjacent to a decnt sized river which obviously floods the said area ( or he wouldnt be building a dike) and hes planning on cutting 10-12 feet for his swm pond i would assume mud will be a problem. Now if he could get some case quadtracs, or cat challengers with pans it would be a whole different ball game...
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    Yes I would agree that quad tracs would be ideal, don't know if he can find any, but those machines are incredible. I watched 10 of them with scrapers working a wildlife refuge in North Dakota about 5 years ago. Heavy wet loam and they were moving material like it was dry. It was like God had his own eraser on the job. I had never seen so much material moved in such a short time.

    Its crazy how much compaction they create, I dont see that as an issue.
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    There are numerous pans and scrapers going through on Iron Planet next Thursday. The Miskin Pans start at $4K they are in La. If you can find a suitable ag tractor to pull the pan you could maybe do it yourself. If you buy it right, you could do your job with the pan and then resell it and likely get most if not all your money back.
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