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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by hdbluedeuce, Nov 3, 2004.

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    Was wondering what the average/typical going rate is to prepare a site for seeding/sodding. I realize that there are many variables, but general pricing per square foot or square yard, utilizing the following parameters will be close enough.

    1.) Existing grassed yard, 11,000 sq. ft. Will be sprayed and mowed closely (scalped).
    2.) Looking for entire site to be tilled/turned to a depth of 4-6", graded back out and all debris (rocks, sticks, etc.) removed in preparation for seeding/sodding.
    3.) Existing irrigation, but most heads are on the perimeter, so this should not pose a big obstacle.
    4). Rest of yard is wide open with no interior obstacles to work around.

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    What equipment will you be using? Bobcat? Tractor? Are you going to use a Harley Rake or a Hydraulic tiller / Rotadairon? How many men/women on the job? Seed or sod? On site or off site debris removal? New top soil? More info is needed to steer you in the right direction..........
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    I am asking simply for a ballpark estimate to perform the service. I do not have the type of equipment necessary to do this work and therefore I am looking to sub this part of the job out. Therefore, the type of equipment is irrelevant to me, as long as the finished product is there as expected. Not sure if I will bid it or not, and if I do, I will definitely seek estimates from locals. As for now, I'm just looking for a good base figure to work off of. There should not be must "waste" to be disposed of, and if there is any, it can be left on site in the wooded area. Sorry for the confusion.
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    I'll Give it a go!

    First, even if you don't have the equipment you can get an idea of what it will cost to rent it. When you sub this part out just be sure it is in line with what your costs would have been.

    1st: Spray: This could be about $100.00 (you do have your pesticide license) if not, sub it out to someone who does.
    2nd: Mow: 11,000sq ft $75.00 - $100.00
    3rd: Till/Site Prep: Tiller Rental or Bobcat with Tiller: $250-$350/day
    Hourly Rate per man 2@$45.00x4 hours $360.00
    4th: Haul away debris, or bring in fill $ 150.00-$200.00

    Range $ 935.00 - $1,110.00 + Profit

    Hope I covered all the basis. Important to note that site prep is the most time consuming and important part of a seed or sod job. If the crew doing the sod work ( I've assumed it's not you) comes in and feels they need to do more work and charges extra to customer, then you might be looking at a back charge. Point: GET YOUR MONEY BEFORE YOU LEAVE.
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    OK, if I were to bid this for you as a sub, I would charge you around $1800-2200.00, including hydroseed..

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