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Site Progress

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by Team-Green L&L, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. Sean Adams

    Sean Adams LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,597

    1. No one ever told you that if you are not a paying sponsor that you would not have a post count... not very professional to just make things up - no one's posts count in the "web site discussion forum"....or in the "off topic forum".... it was set up that way a long time ago

    2. If you are not looking to profit from the site why keep replacing your signature over and over again with who you are, what you do and how to reach you? Let me guess... out of the goodness of your heart, right?

    3. The ad rates have been emailed to you twice - maybe in all of your infinite online/web knowledge you should get someone to help you read email....

    4. We have removed several posts of your's and your signature line several times where you did in fact advertise, so once again, not wise or mature to make things look ne way then they are another.

    5. Your post count looks "funny" because you have yet to venture out of the forum where you are attempting to drum up business. Jump in a commercial forum and then take a gander at your post count.....

    6. Bottom line, you have been smug about all of this from day one and it is not appreciated....

    Anything else you want me to address "WebMan"?
  2. WebMan

    WebMan LawnSite Member
    from D/FW TX
    Messages: 11

    Yes Sean,
    1. I was told by someone (I believe Michael was his name) in the second of only 2 e-mails I have ever recieved from anyone with this site that my signature was fine once I took the links out of it. My first signature did have a link as on many forums that is allowed, not considered advertising, and you have no posted rule against it, sorry it was ignorance, but I saw other people with links in theirs so...I did it and he e-mailed me the first time about it and explained you had to be a sponsor to have a signature link and that it had been removed.
    2. In my e-mail to him where I apologized for the signature I asked about rates, how much it was to be a "sponsor' so you could have a link, what else went with that, etc. He e-mailed back and asked for my phone number, because he said you wanted to speak to me personally. I sent it back within the hour. That was quite some time ago but I never got a call.
    3. I have received no further e-mails from him or anyone at your site. I know they work, it sent me a nice little automated "happy birthday" message today. And I check my e-mail at least 12-24 times a day.
    4. When I first came to your site (before the moderators or whoever removed my signature which had the 1st link) my post count increased every time I posted. I apologize, maybe that was a one-time "glitch" but I drew my conclusion from the fact that changed and it went to zero from 7 or 8 when you removed the "special" signature with the link; my thinking the two must go together.
      I did go through a bit of a process of "refining" the signature, each time you removed it I made it even more generic and less "personal" until I finally felt we had reached acceptable ground. It would have been much simpler if you had called as the gentleman said you wanted to. Then I would have understood clearly and could have been done to suit you one time.
    5. Your forum guidlines encourage a signature and profile that lends a degree of credibility to knowledge of whatever someone is posting about. So I ended up with the very generic signature that simply stated facts with no links or contact info.
      I have not ever mentioned the locations or dates of any of my upcoming seminars, have posted no links to my consulting business, and never posted about that anywhere, other than the fact I did it. That was left for a long time so I presume it was OK.
    6. In my e-mail to the person who contacted me about the signature I asked for clarification on your rules since they seem to apply to some but not all; since many people have links in their signatures etc. After his quick reply e-mail about you wanting to speak with me I thought all that could be clarified during a short simple conversation.
    7. It is obvious you have a good variety of advertising options by the many different size banners & such on the site, but I have no idea what I might be interested in or if I am, since I have no idea what those differences are. I don't know if you have different rates for different things, use the "per click" or "per impression" method, etc. or if like one site I visit there is simply a minimal sponsorship charge that comes with little but the ability to post special offers in your signature or whatever (as opposed to banners)
    8. Every post I have made has been very generic in nature. Attempting to broadly address issues in a way that might help the most people. Using "principles" true for anyone. I have never said "we" or "I" could do this better, cheaper, faster, or anything similar other than one post where I mentioned I could not spend the time to analyze a particular site step-by-step because that would take time away from "work" for my customers, and I don't have that much free time available.
    9. I am sorry there is a misunderstanding here. I am used to forums where if they have ads or fees, the rates and what they are for are clearly listed, and rules for signature files are clearly defined. It took some trial & error but I believed I had reached what was acceptable by having a signature that wasn't removed.
    10. I consider the "smug" or "drumming up business" characterization as quite unfair as I have offered a good deal of advice based on generally accepted and proven marketing & sales as well as web site principles. All at no charge, and without self-promotion.
      This web site is obviously a commercial venture. I have no problem with that, and would have taken care not to break any rules if they were posted (and might want to buy some advertising...but I haven't heard)
    11. This even went so far as one participant who contacted me after a post involving search engines and offered to pay me to get him a high ranking on Google and I explained that wasn't what I was about on these forums. I did offer him a "free" tip for Yahoo but he politely said he was fine on Yahoo, just wanted help with Google and I told him I was sorry I couldn't help with that because like any honest person I cannot "guarantee" a particular ranking on any search engine. I have a copy of the sent e-mail to him if you would like where I tried as well as possible to not be rude but turned him down. So if I was "soliciting" unfairly that would have been an easy opportunity. One I didn't take.
    12. You have my number and while it is now late Friday I would still be glad to hear from you and discuss anything related to this anytime next week during my "usually in" office hours of 8am -2:30pm CST.
    13. If you would rather e-mail; as I said I'm sure it works, the little birthday greeting came through just fine. (Unless you sent something with an executable or unusual file type my anti-virus/spyware/etc. settings might have blocked. An example would be an "open" Excel spreadsheet with pricing)

    I am quite sorry you misunderstand my attitude.
    If you read every post I have made I believe you will find them helpful and generic in nature. On any forum I visit I try to be a good forum citizen (and between support & "community" forums as well as a few like these I visit a lot of forums).
    I am sorry you don't "appreciate" my attitude, but I have expected a call any day from you.
    I believe you have misinterpreted my attitude and that is the reason you don't appreciate it. Anyone who deals with the public knows most often talking to someone for just a few minutes in person can solve such problems easily and someone's actual "attitude" was far from an initial impression.
    I could be equally critical of your seeming attitude in the last post, but it wouldn't be accurate since I don't know you, we've never as much as spoken, and I have nothing but one post above to base that opinion on. You may have a terrible attitude or may be the nicest guy in the world; but I have no idea either way.
    I did not even think less of you for not calling for so long, people often get busy with other matters and I'm sure one participant and potential advertiser here wasn't high on a busy person's priority list.
    While I was a bit surprised since the person who asked for the number acted like you wanted to speak soon; I figured you would when you got a chance.

    So when you get a chance I believe if you make that call, you will find I am not "smug" (I've been called a lot, but not smug :dizzy: and there is probably no real issue here. Just as your're probably not so bad yourself :)

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