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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kris, May 10, 2001.

  1. kris

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    We started using something new this year and so far I think it has been great.
    They are called SITE REPORTS .. it is a two copy form that we had printed up with our company name etc...tells the customer we were tick off what you ...trimming etc..extra spot for any extras...cost extra...but what I have found that is really working is the spot for comments about anything that needs attention...what a great way of constantly bringing attention to the extras that you want to sell .... also is a great way of constantly keeping in contact with a customer...yes it takes a few extra minutes for the foreman to take it into the manager and chat for a moment but I think it is well worth it and is just one other thing that can set you apart from others.
    Does anyone else use anything like this?
  2. CSRA Landscaping

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    Kris, I do indeed do this, mainly for one property right now. For me, it was born of necessity. My first year in business, people were naturally skeptical, perception is reality to most folks, so I came up with almost the exact same thing that You described for the townhouses that I do. I need to start doing them again for the others. It's not a bad idea, at all. I think I may do this for all of my accounts.
  3. joshua

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    i have been asked to start to do this for 3 funeral homes, i cut 2 of them and they are in the best shape, the other is owned by the same people but the lcs has them under contract for a few years, he never used to be a scub but the guy just don't care what kinda work he does anymore. so i have to start to maintain everything but the lawn, already have a check list of about 20 things that need done at the funeral home i don't do. the usual over grown shrubs, weeds in all the beds, weeds in side walks, trees growing where the shouldn't be, and the best one their are about 8 spots where shrubs have died off and he didn't replace them. only have a check list of about 8 things for the homes i take care of. only in the gardens, 2nd year in account with them 1st year with all maintenace for gardens (just got that last week)

    great idea i'm gunna start it next year for all my bigger higher paying accounts that the people would be willing to pay for all the extras, or it would be a waiste of my time and theirs.

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