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    i have a 48'' on a real small lawn and it isnt a problem. but for gates i would go with a 44 or 36''
  2. BP348

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    Is there a standard size for gates? I'm guessing 36" If so how do you get a 36" or 44" through the gate? Sorry i know it's a new guy question but this is the area I'd like to get into my self.
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    36" gates - once you put the latch and hinges on there, the poles that hold the gate have to be wider to accommodate those things. So, a 36" gate open has about a 37"-38" opening.
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    I'm in San Antonio and if your around this area anything bigger than a 32" will leave you stuck in the gate on most backyards.
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    LOL 13 posts and 7 different deck sizes did you get the info you were looking for? The recommendations had more to do with location then lawn sizes and that is understandable ever area is different I'm in 60 inch ztr country but of my 4 major mowers only one is a 60 I also have a 52 I wish we had gone 60 we have a 44 and a 36. I think you will need to post some more info for starters where do you live kind helps to know what type of lawns and fence issues you have there.
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    I'd get a 48" or 52".... push mow the back yards. Snapper makes a hell of a nice and relatively inexpensive 48" wb. I have a 52" scag freedom Z. Sweet "little" mower, but big enough for the commercial stuff.
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