Size Matters! Why Does Diamond Blade Segment Height Matter?

The segment height on a diamond blade is very important. Segment height can determine how long a blade lasts and also how efficiently it cuts into your material. there are 3 approximate heights that diamond blade companies carry diamond blades in.
The first is 8mm. This is usually sold as an economy blade. It doesn’t matter if your diamond blade is 14″ or 36″, this segment height is low and will have shorter blade life. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t get a quality 8mm diamond blade, but chances are it will not have the same blade life as 10mm plus.
**** Side not on this height, diamond blade companies will use this tactic to sell you a lower priced blade at the same quality as your are currently getting. For instance, if I am offering a 14″ 12mm segment height general purpose blade for $85, a competitor will offer my customer a 14″ 8mm blade for $65, but market it as the same blade.

The second standard segment height is 10mm-12mm. This is on most mid level laser welded diamond blades. This segment height is the most popular and best value on a laser welded diamond blade. This is the safest segment height to choose.
The last segment height that is popular is 14mm-15mm. This is used on cheaper blades to increase their life or on PRO style blades or specialty blades. Bottom line is, if the segment height is higher than 12mm, make sure it is laser welded. This segment height is for maximum diamond blade life and cutting action.