Size of chain on DC striping kits

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JLC, May 30, 2001.

  1. JLC

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    As we chat I am designing a striping kit for my Turf Tiger on CAD. I am going to try the DC style with chains first. Was wondering what size the chain is. What is the width and length of the chain and the diameter of the wire? In the pictures it looks like there is about 3 to 4 links unsuspended on the ground. I'm going to attach the chains to angle iron and use ubolts to attach the angle iron to the 1 inch diameter bar bridging the frame by the wheel motors. Any comments or design thoughts welcome for discussion.


  2. 75

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    One idea here - stainless hardware!

    Not for the "look", but so you won't have to curse seized nuts & bolts taking the unit off when required. If you plan to bolt the chains to the angle (as opposed to weld) use stainless there too.

    Only other thing to suggest is put a nice radius on the corners of the angle iron so there isn't a sharp spot to catch a pant leg (or your leg!)

    Sorry I can't offer any help on the chain size/length though - welder by trade, not an LCO! (I still like to check out all the forums though, since there's always good info to be found that applies to many areas)
  3. SMB

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    Make sure that the chains are positioned in a way/short enough that they can't get under the tires.
  4. 75

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    Good point - why didn't I think of that? (Oh, yeah - welder not LCO!:D )

    Just thinking out loud here - I'm guessing the chains would need to be the full width of the cut? If they will be too close to the tires with the angle bolted directly to the round bar, perhaps the angle could be fitted with 2 mounting arms that extend from the round bar far enough to keep the chains clear of the tires.
  5. George777

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  6. rdh

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    goerge777 thats a cool ideal you had there. did it improve the stripe a
    lot ?
  7. Eric ELM

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    I have never measured each link, but I would say mine are about 5/16" links. You can use any size, but the heavier the better. If I was to build one, I'd use 3/8" links and adjust the bracket to fit them in. Also use the hardest chain you can get if you drive on streets or driveways a lot like me. The chain only needs to be between the tires on Choppers since the tires are right up the to overlap anyway. The first 2 chains on each side are shorter to keep them from getting under the wheel. I do have a closer up view of this set up if your interested. Heck I'll post it here. BTW, I took this picture for another member and the Chopper was dirty, forgive me. :)

  8. leeslawncare

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    As eric told me 5/16 chain

    strip kit1.jpg
  9. George777

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    rdh, I think it made a big improvement. Friday I'm gonna put some pic's on eric's linl stripes 2001. Also I'm located in the South and it works on Bermuda.
  10. JLC

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    75, from what I have been reading on other posts, and it makes sense, is that the tires will do the trick to lay the grass down and the chains don't need to drag behind them. The chains pick up where the tires don't roll the grass which is between them. I like the stainless idea. Instead of welding the chains to the angle iron, I though I would machine slots in it similar to the Dixie kit, insert the chain through and run a rod through to secure the chains. Other ideas I've thought of are the roller, similar to the York Sheet Metal set up, but not attached to the cutting deck as the Scag has a 90 degree gear box that I think would be in the way. I decided against this because the mounting location would be under the wheel motors and would have to have some sort of breakaway mechanism that would function both going forward and reverse to avoid major damage to the machine should a solid object be encountered. My other idea, which I may investigate further, is the use of something beside chain to lay the grass. I'm thinking possibly flexible plastic or rubber such as 3/16 thick urethane or soft rubber or possibly bristles like a broom.

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