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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by dbc45420, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. dbc45420

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    Hey everyone,

    Thanks for all helpful info already recieved. My next question is I am wanting to purchase an enclosed for my part time lawn business, which I have not started yet. I am only doing this part time and i am aiming for 15-20 residentials. i plan on having only 2 walk behinds 36",52" and a 21". Also trimmers and blowers mounted on sides. I want to get by with only a single axle trailer because of price verses larger tandems. I was thinking a 6x12 would work. I know bigger the better, but do you think i could make it work? The stuff will fit but do you think I will really regret it? 7x14' is 1500 dollars more. Any advise is welcome.

  2. RedWingsDet

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    get the biggest you can afford. I only really needed a 14ft trailer at the time, but I bought a 20. and its already pretty full... Bigger the better, just watch out for curbs.
  3. jim dailey

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    You will be told to get the biggest that you are able to afford. Stick to that advice. The bigger is the better, in this case. OF COURSE, you can always get the biggest that you can afford RIGHT NOW, and after filling it up (which you will) you could work yourself into something larger. It just always seems to happen. I don't know if you ever thought of it, but, building your own is another way. I did it. Started collecting the pieces about a year before I built it. Worked-out great. I built a 20-foot V-Nose with side door and drop-down tailgate. I haul a 52" Walker, 52" Stander, 52" Bunton, 21" Toro and all of the hand tools, wackers, trimmers, saws and anything alse that you can think of. It has it's own generator and stereo system, with small color tv. 3 skylights and full 110 volt wiring. 2 8,000 lb. axles w/electric brakes carry the load.
  4. Turf n Dirt

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    I've got a 7x14. It holds a 36" wb, a 22" push, and a 60 ZT with the rear baggger. Shelves hold every thing else. I personally woldnt want anything bigger being by myself. Remember, you have to tug this thing all day and park it while you work. But bigger is better, if you already know where your jobs are :cool2:
  5. dbc45420

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    Could you get it all in 6x12? I know it would be tight, I just dont want to make the jump to a tandem axle. I may get he v-nose, a little exra space.

  6. Turf n Dirt

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    It is tight right now. Maybe without the rear bagging system (Hustler fiberglass unit) I made a pair of short ramps so I could unload and load the push mower through the side door. Walk behind up front to the left side, push next to the side door, and the ZT in last. I actually have to just nudge the WB, thats when I know I'm in. I have about 2-3" to the rear door.
    Whacker, blower and hedge trimmer all fit on the shelf next to the gas cans and tools.

    Anyone wanting to sell you a trailer should let you pull your stuff in one time before you buy, to make sure it fits. :blob3:

    Take a good look at the V-nose, I think you may be losing space..
    But, they do have advantages too
  7. wojo23323

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    I would at least get it 16' long.
  8. GarPA

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    Could not agree more....16' is the ideal size and yet not so big thats its difficult to get into and out of alleys and other tight spots.

    Take seriously when we tell you to buy more than you think you need. You will have this trlr for many years and you dont want to grow out of it in a couple years.

    my first trlr was a 14ft....big mistake. And trying to sell a used trlr is not the easiest thing to do.
  9. Kelly's Landscaping

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    Forget size for a moment think gvw I would not own anything less then 7000 hell my open 12 foot trailer which is my smallest is still 2 axels and 7000 gvw. You may move up to ZTRs some day and you will wish you had the heavy duty trailer as for size that is more determined by what you plan to use it for I run a 12ft and a 16f open I plan on a 24ft enclosed next season for my 3rd crew what you mow determines what you need the 12 is great for my beach accounts we do 90 accounts plus a week with that in 3 days. My 16 we do much larger lawns and the reason I want a 24 is I plan on upgrading to 72" ZTRS with bagging systems and they wont fit in my current trailers In fact my 52 and my 60 lazer will not fit on my 16ft trailer now. They both have trac vacs so they are each 9 feet long. Regardless I will be going with 10000 gvw when I do get the next trailer. Also get the best trailer you can buy I did not say get the best price in fact do not be concerned with that I do not care if its 1000 dollars less if its made like crap you will only need to buy a replacement very soon. Do not take the guys word for it around here go to your trailer dealers in your area and look for your self look at the under carriage of the trailer see what size angle iron it has how well the gate is made how strong the hinges are you get the idea not all trailers are created equal.

    SHOWCASE LAWNS LLC LawnSite Member
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    for getting started i would say a 16 or 18 ft enclosed will hold you for a few years.........get a good one like avenger,haulmark or wellscargo...dont go cheap it will bite you in the arse!

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