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    When you're referring to size in square feet do you mean the size of the lot or the square footage of the turf? I realize there's 43,560sq ft in an acre and can do the math. I've got 10,000 sq ft lots with 2,400 sq feet of house plus garage, patio, pool, drive, etc and only about 2,500 sq ft of turf left over as well as 33,000 sq ft lots with the same amount of non-mowable stuff in them. I'm just trying to get a common frame of referrence.

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    some people do add in the house garage, patio, pool, drive and such,

    remember that you have to lone trim around these,

    I quote prices as fields, If I took a field that's 2 acers, with nothing in it but a fence, that's cheaper than a 2 acer residentual lot with a house and such.

    It's one of those things that it's up to you,
    I found it easyer to measure JUST the lot, reguardless if there is a house on it. cant spend all day on a bid,
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    Most people price in the unimproved lot size (total square feet.) The more on the lot the more work. Im with bohiaa. The more there is to work around the longer it will take you. I have a formula for fences. If there is fence to trim along it is a penny per linear foot per side that I have to trim. with a minimum of 5 dollars extra.So if the fence is 300 feet total length thats 3 dollars per side Or 6 dollars to trim both sides. 5 dollar minimum goes into effect if they only need one side trimmed. (all sides border another persons property.

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