sizing up a potential customer for any job..residential or commercial

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by tbettis, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. tbettis

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    what features do you look for when u go to a residential customer's home for an estimate...are they really serious about getting the work done or are they just waisting time. do you look at the home first, subdivision, customer him, know what i mean.
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    I try not to judge by the area or by the 'look' of the home. If I did that I probablly be out of business. I judge buy the initial conversation. Asking them questions that lead to them telling me what I am worth to them, whether or not they are looking for the lowest bidder, do they realize 'you get what you pay for', etc.

    I guess its more of a learned thing that over time I have become fairly good at not wasting my time...although it still happens and it gets frustrating.
  3. tbettis

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    sorry about the bump but i had a guy come out to give me a quote on the flowerbed project in a previous thread that i was getting ready to make a reality in about a month and the first thing he says when i walk out of the house was("damn u live here" u must be doing good...i told him i work a bluecollar job just like everyone else in the nieghborhood. he proceeded to give me this outrageous estimate that was no where near my you guys size potential customers up when u give your estimates.
    a person living in a less fortunate area should receive the same estimate your so called
    "middle class/upper class potentials receive i think..

    What are your opinions
  4. tamadrummer

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    I cannot speak for others but the cost of the job has little or nothing to do with where the job is being done but how much work is being done and what you want put into the job.

    The controllable factors are as follow:

    You do all the prep: You save money. I do all the prep, You pay me $60/hr and if I have someone working with me, you pay $60/hr for them as well.

    You buy the materials for the job: There is no mark up. I buy the materials for the job, There is a 27% mark up for my time/gas and the tax.

    It is almost an insult for you to think that because you have a nice house that a contractor is going to charge you more than they would someone that is not in as nice of a house. Unless you are hiring Billy-Ray Hogwaller's Landmines and Scapers you need to understand that this work is not free.

    Someone on here has a great saying in their signature. "It is not my job to make it cheap, it is your job to afford it."

    Check references and make sure they have insurance and you should do ok.

    Good Luck.

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