Skid loader Tracks

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by LawnsRUsInc., Mar 20, 2006.

  1. LawnsRUsInc.

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    Does anyone here have comments or sugestions as to what type or pair of tracks are better or which one is better for the all mighty dollar?

    Thanks in advance, Jason

    Pair #1 $1,200.00

    Pair #2 $610.00
  2. Jody P

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    The ones on the yellow Mustang are better tracks. You will get less tire slippage and better traction That being said you need to either invest in foam filled tires or solid tires. If not fixing flats are a hassle. Some tire companies (industrial) will foam fill tires for you about $100 each. A set of solid tires can easily cost as much if not more than the tracks. On the other hand if you plan on removing the tracks often the other set will be easier to remove & replace.
  3. Randy Scott

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    Are the tracks in the first picture used? I've priced the tracks similar to those and they're like $3500 with steel or poly shoes on them. Anything less has got to be some inferior quality. And then as stated, your tires should be foam filled. Tracks end up being like a 4K venture. Personally, were holding out to get a tracked machine in the near future.
  4. Lynch Landscaping

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    I would go with the first ones because the look like they have more traction.
  5. gammon landscaping

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    i have a set like the first pair and love them. i looked at the second set on ebay and thought that the chain just would just not hold up. i havn't foamed my tires and only had one flat in the last 3 months. the trick to not having alot of flats is to watch for nails and don't run over them scoop them up and get rid of them. and the best way is to check you tire pressure every couple of days

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