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I'm adding fertilizer/pesticde services to our company this year. Yes we got the pesticide license and the insurance is in place. The service flags are on order.

Now its time to buy some equipment. I need a skid sprayer, but have never used one. What should I look for? engine, pumps, tank size, spray gun?



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First, what size lawns will you be treating?

You will get good advice on here about skids BUT I started out looking for a skid as well and decided that a ride-on (used) would be a better long term way to go. WAY more portability with such a machine - that was the kicker for me.


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I have a couple tank sprayers, both are in 200 gal. i run a honda 5.5 horse motor w/ i believe a d30 pump, one is a lesco space saver, and the other, the first one i bought starting out was a used "Northern Tool" brand. I dont know what kind of money you want to spend, but if you can i would buy the lesco space saver, they are running $3500.00 dollars new at John Deere Landscapes. The best advise i can give you is buy one with an electric reel, i couldnt immigine anything worse that having to reel up 300 ft of hose by hand! If you are looking for used...well be careful, i would hate to see you spend the money then have to buy a new pump, or engine, as far as what to look for...i got lucky and ended up with a good unit, it was $2000.00 dollars (probably gave too much). I personally just look at the unit, you can usually tell what type of care it got by how clean it is, also i know that if they ran water solible fertilizer through the pump it usually shortens the lifespan, (depends how they mixed it). I like the space saver because it doesnt take up an entire 8 ft box in your truck, and it is set up to pull off the side of the truck instead of the rear, side pull works best in my application, but might not for you. Thats all i can tell ya for now, i'm sure someone else with more experance may have more to add or a diffrent idea

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