skid steer and 1 ton dump service question

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by mtg97, Mar 9, 2009.

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    so ive got this problem with pricing and bidding jobs, ill start it off by saying ive had my f 450 dump for 3 years and my bobcat for 1 year. I always use my truck and bill my customers what i think i should make, and now im doing that for my bobcat too. The problem is im under cutting my self because i dont know what to charge mainly on the fact i know no set standard. I would like to fix this immediatley any suggestions or questions help me fast

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    you have to know what that equipment costs you per hour to run,+ all other overhead+ profit= total cost per hour
  3. mtg97

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    see thats the problem it costs me nothing more than 288 registration and 23 dollars for inspection, i get diesels and filters and oil for free, and no payments every thing is paid for thats the problem
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    I get $65.00 regardless. I run a topkick 33k gvw and a mtl 16. I also get $65.00 for my excavator as well. Even if you aren't paying for filters etc, you have to anticipate what it will cost to replace the machine.truck. If it breaks down, it will cost to fix it. Outside of the general fuel and maintenance there are huge expenses to consider, insurance is one that is large itself. Blow a tire on the trailer, 150.00 toss one on the truck 200 plus. Lots of things to consider.
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    you have alot more expenses then that. Equipment replacement. Fuel, insurance taxes, maintenance, repair, storage. Whether you pay those things or not they need to be built in.
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    I didnt go through and figure up a price, I set my prices even with the competition. That way I am not losing jobs to undercutters and I am not undercutting anyone.

    The only time I'll ever undercut anyone is when I am working on a job as a subcontractor for a contractor and the h/o asks me to say dig the footer for a retaining wall while I am backfilling the pool. and I'll charge like $65 an hour cause I am already there.
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    Now I know the general consensus is not to raise prices this year but I think this is an exception.

    Here's one trick, and it takes some self control...

    Because right before you blurt out the price to the customer?
    Quietly tack on a little extra, then tell them the price.

    That little extra should be more for larger amounts, less for smaller,
    I'm sure you can figure it out.

    Ahh no it ain't free!

    Because of folks like you the red storebrand filters are no longer being sold at Advance, it's all name brands now and it costs more!
    So think about that the next time you play around with your toys, like the bailout the rest of us are paying for that.

    Of course that may just make you work even harder for less still, I wonder if that was the right tactic...
    And now I may have ruined it hahaha

    So insofar as the truck and the skidsteer, you expecting them to last forever?
    You need to use their replacement cost as to what it's going to take, and that should help.
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