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    I am in the market for an auger set-up for my skid. I am wondering what should I be looking for? I want to be able to run a 36" bit for trees. Do I want round or hex input?
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    Hex..Would be my choice..Less stress on the main pin..and easier to line up.Also would recommend a gearbox/planetary drive and not a chain..Less to worry about..A good one will last you many many years with zero upkeep.
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    Here's why: It is a lot easier to find round stock, in the size you want. Why is this important? If you are like me, always looking for a bargain, when you go to an equipment auction, there are a lot more of the augurs that use the round shafts (ie phone pole drillers, farm type post hole diggers), than there are that use the hex(I think JD and 1 or 2 others). I have augurs from 3" to 3' that I have bought at auction, never paid much more than $150 for an augur, and have been cutting adapters from 1 4' length of 2-1/2" schedule 80 pipe, that was also bought at auction. I have never seen Hex stock at an auction or in a scrapyard!:hammerhead:
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    Hex. I have a Lowe 1650 with chain drive. I have had it almost 15 years and I have replaced the chain once. Like said buy a good one and you wont have to buy another. I have dug tens of thousands of holes in tough conditions in that time and it just digs.

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