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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Scag48, May 15, 2006.

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    Hey guys. We're demo'ing a new 277 for a couple weeks, could end up buying this one, it's a rental fleet machine that has 7 hours on it, full cab + A/C and heat. Anyway, we need a grapple for it pretty quick. We're putting it to work on the orchard that we just finished taking out. When we walked through the orchard with the excavators pulling up the trees, we left them in piles of about 20-30 trees. Now we'd like to pick those piles up with the 277 and carry them to one large pile to burn later. We could have tracked back and forth making one large pile while we were pulling the trees, but it's alot of walking on the undercarriage and it's slow. With the 277, we think we can move the same amount of trees in one swipe, faster and without excessive wear on the undercarriage. With all that said, we need a grapple. Suggestions? Thanks!
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    mine is an 80" 'Bobcat' Brand, (industrial grapple)
    and will tote very huge load, maybe 5-8 yds! On a recent slash burn I was moving a piles a few hundred yds due to steep and forested terrain. I could get a big mouthful, extending 25 ' wide. I have also moved 50' plus trees, 3' dia, and nice for 'picking' stuff out of dumptruck. And real killer on demo (I did a camper last week)

    It is very HD, as I dig out lots of 5' boulders with it (has 1 1/2" square tines), Grapple is made from 3/4" plate (4 sides)

    I would like to make an insert that would be similar to a root rake, that would allow 'rolling' debris

    I like the 8-10 spacing of lower tines to 'sweep' branches and debri, plus you don't have so much stuff 'falling out' while transporting over rough ground. I use it as a 'rock rake' when dealing with basketball sized boulders. It is stout, and takes lots of abuse

    I suppose your local inventor (bellingham) could fix you up, if he has anything in stock (tho it doesn't look like he has an equivalent to mine.)
    or just bite the bullet and buy from a dealer, (or ebay) might check the 'bucket' builder in Arlington?, there was some discussion on this site about 'thumbs' and they seemed to have really good stuff, and grapples too, I think (but long lead times) You definately want tines on bottom, as some of the demo grapples are solid, That would be very tough to keep dirt out of your branches, rocks, and scrap. Get a 4in1 bucket for general use, tho the Grapple is important for "high Volume" brush.

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    Thanks guys. We'll probably end up getting a 4-in-1 for the 277, right now I believe it has a 78" tooth bucket on it, I haven't seen it yet, they dropped it off last night and I'm at school now, but I will be in it all weekend. I definately need a grapple with tines on the bottom, no the industrial grapple bucket. Rockland makes an awesome loader grapple, but I don't know if they produce it for skid steers. Our sales guy says there's a company in Colville that makes good grapples so I'm waiting to see what theirs looks like. If not, I'll have to come up with a different plan.
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    Here's what we ended up with, got the last 85" model they have. Dad is driving to pick it up tonight with the flatbed, should have it on the 277 ready to go when I get back into town on Friday. The guy is putting Cat couplers on it for us as well.

    BTW, sounds like we sealed the deal on the 277. I think we're going to demo it for a week or 2 to absolutely make sure it's what we want, but it sounds like dad has made up his mind. I think they're going to give us the tooth bucket and we're ordering a 6 way blade for it as well.
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    nice looking...I still wanted a "bucket" so to speak that whyI went with the one I got...I can still load shredded hardwood mulch with out having to swap buckets back and forth...
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    At first I was looking at the bucket type, but then I realized what we needed was something like a brush rake that had the ability to grab and that's exactly what this is. Our intent is to push trees over and at the end of the pass grab them and run back to the burn pile where the 312 will be stoking the fire.
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    It has been one of the most productive and labor saving peices of equipment thatI have purchased in a while....

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