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    I am trying to compile a list of thread types and sizes for all makes of skid steer. For the most part 3/4" O-Ring seems to be the most common but I would love to have anyone here that has a skid steer with Hi-Flow to list the make and model along with the thread diameter of the Hi-Flow Fittings, this would be the fitting that attaches to the block on your loader arm between the block and the quick connect coupling. If your machine has a case drain line I would also love to know the thread diameter of that fitting as well.

    For those that are not familiar with O-ring thread sizes you can often tell by looking on your quick connects and reading the last part of the part number -8 is 1/2" -12 is 3/4" -18 is 1" etc etc

    Any information at all will be helpful!

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