Skid Steer Set-up

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Green in Idaho, May 18, 2003.

  1. Green in Idaho

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    Anyone got a pic of a skidsteer trailer set-up? Maybe a Bobcat (or other) with several attachments and how they store them on the trailer/truck.... manufacturers.... ?????
  2. kris

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    No sorry ... I would also be interested. We have 3 trailers and many attachments but no racks to hold them..usually just put an extra attachment on the front of the trailer if needed.
  3. worthbrown

    worthbrown LawnSite Member
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    no pics, but I use a 28' gooseneck (23 + 5 dove). I put my small tractor with powerseeder in front, then put skid steer bucket on side, actually under seeder. Then back the skid steer on with Harley rake. I bought the trailer after I knew what my set up would be, and tried it on a 25', and it didn't fit, that is why I got the 28'
  4. PRapoza451

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    Take a look at Dingo trailers or Power-Trac trailers. They are both nicely setup. Find a good welder/fabricator and have your's fabricated. Sometimes it less expensive to have someone fab. for you and sometimes less expensive to just buy it.

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