Skid Steer shopping begins 8am!

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by mrusk, Mar 16, 2006.

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    Well in the morning i am making the rounds to start skid steer shopping. I am checking out deere, bobcat, case, and cat. I checked out NH today at my local mower dealership that just picked up the brand. Besides the fact that they gave me a high price on a LS185, i am not going to buy one since i can't belive dealer service will be as good as it should be. They haven't sold a skid steer yet. No chance of a demo. No chance of a loaner if my machine breaks down. There a new dealer, it will take them some time to get with the program.

    If a dealer won't give me a demo, i won't deal with them. So we will see what happens. I'm looking to buy a machine that weighs in around 7000-7500lbs. I'd like a bigger machine, but i got to watch the weight. Once i had acouple attachments and the machine on a 3400lb trailer, i will be close. I'd rather play it safe and have to spend 5 minutes taking a row off each pallet of versa lok, then be over weight and getting trouble with the DOT.

    I'm pretty sure of the options i won't. standard bucket, forks, maybe harley rake. I will most likely go with an open cab.

    Can't wait.
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    Hi mrusk, I'm in north jersey as well. What mower shop is selling new holland skids now? What kind of work will you be using this for? If your doing snow your going to want two things, two speeds and an enclosed cab with heat and radio. I don't think there are too many asv dealers around but they look like they got their act together and are making some really cool machines.

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