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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by nac, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. nac

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    Was intrested in what you guys think about skid steer tires. I have brand knew JD 250 with 12x16.5 beef baby II also got a set of McLaren steel over the tire tracks. Right now I mostly do snow removal and the stock tires are good. But I have a big concrete job coming up at a school will be there for 2 Months and am looking for a solid tire Maybe an Air boss or those solid tires with the holes in the sides. Any info I can get I would appreciate.

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  2. xcopterdoc

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    I'd run the current set till they wore out. But I guess on a concrete job the rebar puncture hazards may do em in long before they wear out. I'd go with a solid mining tire. If you PM me I'll send you a link. They offer tire exchanges on solid tires.
  3. ksss

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    I have heard of people not happy with the tire life of Air Boss tires although I have never run them. You can have the tires you have foam filled which maybe the best option. The Beefy Baby tires are good. I get about 700 hours out of a set. I have tore one on sharp piece of lava rock and have yet to get a rebar puncture. Unless you just want the piece of mind of running solid tires it probably isn't as critical as you may think. If you were doing Demo work that would be another story. The solid tires are expensive as you have to buy rims as well. For a fraction of the money you can buy an extra rim and tire and mount it on your trailer.
  4. Scag48

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    We have a set of Beefy Baby II's for our Cat 216. I like them so far, they are a pretty "beefy" tire, hence the name. The thick sidewall seems very durable. I will get these tires the next time around when we have to replace them. You should be fine with them doing a demo job, just watch what you're doing. Do you recommend those McLaren tracks? How difficult are they to put on/take off and how long does that process take? Thanks.
  5. lawn jockey

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    Hello , Yes the Air Boss due have issues but you can replace the lugs separately. The tires with the Holes in the side call for a price I think you will change your mind! $2500.00 bucks OUCH! I would recommend buying a spare set of rims and tires and have 1 set foam filled thats what I did. The problem with the solid demo tires is you have hardly any traction, it feels like your on snow. Ive tried them and they have a rough rough ride. Cory
  6. TreffertLawnWrx

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    I'm a big fan of the rubber tracks I used with a Bobcat. I worked for an excavation company and I was in it all day everyday. The only downfall is if the tracks spin off, they are a bear to put back on!
  7. omega88

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    There are many solid tire companies out there but, the one that has the highest hour and offer the best ride is manufactured by a company called TY Cushion. I've ran them on my Bobcat 863 and it lasted almost 2,000 hours before I had to change them out. A friend of mine in MN had a set for 3,000 hours before he had to change them out. Tires were pretty expensive for the 1st set. After that though it's pretty cheap. Just thought you might want to look into it.
  8. AL Inc

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    Nac, I am planning on demo-ing your exact machine in the next few weeks, I was just wondering how you liked it. I have read good things and bad things here about the JD. I'm not sure if the bad things were related to the older machines or not. Right now I'm looking at JD, Bobcat, and Cat. Thank you, Mike
  9. nac

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    I think it is a great machine. Right now I am doing a masonry basement 2200 block that what i am using for it . The only down side is that I wanted pilot controls but besides that it is great.
  10. r_rivera7272

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    I also own a set of McLaren tracks on my JD. They are absolutely awesome. And they have those tires with the holes in them which I am planning on purchasing. They were supposedly designed to work extremely well with the tracks. In regards to the cost of these tires, they are about $2000+ but compared to the number of flats I experience with, I can justify that cost.

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