skid steer tree spades

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by vntgrcr, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. vntgrcr

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    it's old, but I am still here and interested in the responses!! I never did get a spade, somehow figured out how to move those bushes/trees and will be buying one of those shovel type scoops for an upcoming job! So there is no such thing as an "ancient" thread, just one with some new information!!!
  2. Construct'O

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    I agree,good point:usflag:
  3. stuvecorp

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    A tree spade in my fave 5 of attachments that I don't have but want. Have done some research on the Optimal spades, really seem to be the ticket. Would like to have a set up with the plugs so you could pick 8-10 trees at one shot. I ran one on an 1845, I think it was a Dutchman or Big John? It was fun, better than the guy that has to tie up the rootball.
  4. treemover

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    I have a caretree, ok machine. I will be getting traded in for a dutchman, they are awesome machines. One thing to consider if your are B&B ing trees the optimal may not be the machine for you, they are good machines and reduce the amount of dirt you have to ship, but the balls will not stay up right when you are tying them up. Also make sure you have a large enough skid, we are on quickattach plate number 3 for ours.
  5. cpaum

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    You guys really need to get out there and try that Quick Spade. It is so amazing. Now I see they have a product that turns your forks into a grapple!!! Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check it out guys.
  6. rpanchis

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    I recently became owner of a CARETREE 524 3pt hitch tree spade. model 524 3 P 94866 1100 which suggests
    a manfacture date of 2000. Previous owner had no owners / service manual. Will pay fair cost for photo copies from anyone who has.

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