Skid Steer uses


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I haven't seen anything said about a Bobcat skid steer being used in the business, I just bought a new 773 Bobcat and have used it alot,if you are doing any landscape or sod work the save ALOT of time and labor, have always done everything by hand but as of 11-30-00 the Bobcat took place of alot of it.I purchased it to use for myself and to hire out, have always liked running them, thought it could make more money for me, mostly during the winter I hope maybe push a little snow.


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Did you get a G series Bobcat? Dis you look at any other brands of skid steer loaders? and what will you charge and hour for your services?


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I think we get more discussions going on Skid Steers in the landscaping and heavy equipment forums. We have been using the skids and mini-excavtor more than we've been using are backhoe loader and fullsize JD excavators lately. We have every attatchment made by melroef for our skids, so if you have any questions, post them in the equipment forum. I have dig. pics of all our skid steers and all 75+ attatchments, but I haven't had a chance to u/l them to my site yet, I'll let you guys know when I do.

By the way, this reminds me I have to post in the equipment forum now about a question we had with our bobcat mini-excavator. Okay I'm talking to myself again, sorry!