Skid Steer Vs. Tractor with Box Blade for grading

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by SouthernYankee, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. 93turbo

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    a box scraper all the way its much easier to control your material. If you have enough tractor to pull it full when you are grading your drive way you can pull it full of gravel and it will fill in the low spots and where the driveway is good it will kinda float over the stone there instead of a reguler blade that just scrapes the stone away. Plus if you add wheels a couple feet behind the box you can use it like a land leveler and leave it as smooth and level as you want
  2. ccstrebe

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    I started out with a Case 480LL with a Gannon box with scariffier teeth. What a piece of crap for my needs. If you want to a level a lot FAST......use a box blade on a CTL.

    I have tried the skip loader route, (too big, bulky, and inprecise) a box blade on a skid steer, (not enough traction when the box was full of dirt) a grader blade on a CTL (too slow and no dirt moving capabilities) and a box blade on a CTL. I have tried them all and the most productive was the box blade on a CTL.

    There is a local commercial concrete contractor that does big jobs like Walmarts and the like all over the western region and he has two SS with laser box blades for prepping his slabs.
  3. swanny

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  4. ccstrebe

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    Yes, There are pics on their web site.
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    standard box blades are inefficient and do not produce a quality product in a timely manner. a box blade with a fixed screen roller on the back produces noticably better results. if you are doing or dressing a road, the roadrunner box is a good unit ( and even a novice can get excellent results in a very short time. the debate over tractor or skid will continue forever. if you have a tractor that has hydraulic controls set up that will give you tilt left to right, and raise or lower the cut aggressiveness of the implement you can do quite well. a tractor with just hand adjustments is non productive. each carrier has it's points, but the implement that you choose to work with is the difference between success and failure/frustration.
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    It sounds like the box is the way to go. I don't have an easy way to tilt left or right as I go (I think I'd need a wrench). I think 93Turbo told me what I needed to know. I hadn't considered filling in low spots like that.

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    What is the cost of a 6' road runner?
  8. shooterm

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    Skidloader replaced the landscape tractors in my area when I still did punchlists for a road company. Skiploader though is a completely different machine pretty much made for building driveways/shoulders. It wouldnt surprise me though that you start seeing a trending back towards tractors though for the simple fact more and more of the skidloaders are starting to have less of a lifespan. I'd much rather run a skidloader day to day for effiency but looking back at Old man Ronnies skiploader he had it for ten years nothing but oil changes in that Case. The cunts that bought us out already have it covered in blacktop I'm betting turded out.
  9. shooterm

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    We did alot of sod prep and helped the sod companies with sod prep. Nobody used a box is was all rough bucket level'd and land planed. This was all front yards and boulevards as fast as you can go for deadlines.

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