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skid steer vs. tractor


LawnSite Member
None of us here can answer what you need. However, I can offer some food for thought: Each machine has its place. The tractor in 35 to 40 HP range would allow you to purchase something with a backhoe that is usable.

Consider what you would use the machine for most. A skid steer can accept many more attachments than the tractor. An auger on a skid steer is more controlable than a 3 point auger. If you do more grading work, the skid steer is easier to use for grading because the bucket is right in front of you & more visible.

Harrington Landscape

LawnSite Senior Member
Erie Pa
If you get a tractor you can have a quick attach plate for the front on some tractors that will let you run the skid steer attachments I had the same question I sat down and priced out attachments Tractor rototiller, box scraper and rake will cost you the less than a rock hound and a eliminator. I needed to move more material fast so I went with the skid steer. I hope it helps .

Grn Mtn

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Rochester NY
I love tractors but they aren't the best choice for landscapers, they have slower hydraulics (can't flip dirt and mulch out of the tractors bucket like you can using a skidsteer) and do not manuver as well around a landscaped yard.

A better question for you may be should I get a mini-skid or a full size skid first. A Dingo will really get in and around the landscape with minimal lawn damage (the tx425) but auger holes all day like a champ. The full size skid will handle pallets of pavers without blinking.


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I have to say before I was set on buying a tractor but the more I read on here the more I am convinced of a skid steer with tracks as we do an awfull lot of new lawns where we would possible have to move a bit of earth although a site is usually pregraded and just need to be harrowed slightly and levelled of. I just have this worry about a skid steer doing to much damage to the ground. To be honest I am completely confused and am right down the middle on this one. The more I read the harder it gets.


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rent, rent, rent.... I have found you may only really need a tracked skid for certain conditions... wet ground and existing turf. Replacing a tracked skid undercarriage and tracks can easily be over 7k.

I think the perfect combo is a wheeled skid and a tracked mini skid.

I rent a wheeled skid for grading and moving material and my 425 will do everything else... trench, augering, picking up to a 30" bnb, and even small grading.


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eastern n.c.
i personally am sold on the skids. we rented tractors forever doing landscaping. then i bought a dingo wheeled unit. which is a great machine for trenching,augering etc.... but a little slow on new construction. so i demoed a track skid loader with harely rake and 4 n 1 bucket it blows a tractor away on productivity no comparison. to say the least i bought it after the demo. you have to ultimately decide yourself but i'm sold on the track unit and a dingo. a perfect team!