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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by MOWERSALES, Apr 17, 2003.


    MOWERSALES LawnSite Member
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    what should i be charging for skid steer work from back filling to yard work im new need help!
  2. idugaholez

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    Up here, anybody that is a half way decent operator, gets $55.oo/hr. Usually it either $100.00 minimum or 2hr. minimum.

  3. mike9497

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    75.00 per hour for me with a 3 hour min
  4. paponte

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    $650. a day. Machine and operator. :cool:
  5. mklawnman

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    What if I have to rent the machine out? Do I charge them for the rental plus markup on it? Do i also then charge for my hourly wage of working there?? I'm new to renting a skid steer and billing the customer. Looked over a property that needs to be prepared with a power rake, then drag topsoil back over the subsoil and leveled. Looking at 2-3days of work, and I already did the math at about $900 in rental fees alone for 3days. I've used a skid steer before so im no dummy at using one, just new at using the power rake. Should i just charge a hourly or day rate on the skid loader or do i charge them full on the rental?
  6. mike9497

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    i rent my bobcat out.its 220 per day and 30.00 for the trailer.attachments are extra harley rake backhoe sweeper stump grinder.65.00 per attachment per day.i hope you have insurance to rent things out to father started this up for his company and i signed up for it to lol.

    now lets say your renting from me for 220 for the day.add that into your price plus add your hourly rate and travel time (picking up the skid steer and bringing it to the job site.thats about a 75.00 charge.add in gas and the setup time to unload it from the for a 8 hour day i charge 680 with operator
  7. mklawnman

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    I have business insurance on my stuff, but when renting things I didnt know you need insurance for that??? I dont plan on renting it out to anyone, Im the one using the rental equipment, just have to pay $165 for skid steer, another $125 for power rake, then $30 for trailer add travel time in there too. So then I should add my hourly rate ontop of the rental fee?? Which is $35/hr/mn. Or should I just charge them like the hourly rate of using a skid steer and also add in there one other worker at $35/hr, so I'd get covered for rental and me working the machine and also cover for my other worker.?
  8. PAPS

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    I don't rent out any of our equipnment. I am in Landscaping NOT the rental business, and thats what I tell people who ask me to rent. Its not worth it for a messily $175.00 a day rental to rent to some ****** who may damage your bread and butter machine that you use to make a living.

    skid steer = $600.00 day w/ operator
    or $75.00 per hour. (2) hr minimum.
  9. Turfdude

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    I think you're all smoking dope. You may be able to get that from a homeowner, but not from another commercail guy. Let's face it - a full sized backhoe w/operator is $400.00/day and a dozer w/ operator is $500.00/day. I get a man + machine for $300/day which is slightly more than renting a machine w/ trailer for the day.
  10. PRapoza451

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    Your hourly rate is dependent on your costs, machine size and capacity and you should factor in what the market rate is too. But mostly I stick to the first two options. We get $70.00/hr. with an operator 2hr.minimum for a CAT 246. It's equivalent to a Bobcat 863 or whatever the # is now. There are guys around here that charge as little as $45/hr. with an operator. I wish everyone knew there costs. Those guys are paying to work for people.

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